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On (inspection) Tour

Posted on Mon Jul 31st, 2023 @ 12:26pm by Samanthia Akiashiro & Chief Petty Officer James Calmara

Mission: The Archan Job

A little lost in the expansive cargo bay, with their back to the boarding ramp that was set into the rear docking collar, James Calmara stood alongside Megan Akiashiro and several Ship Engineers and a member of the station's security off to one side as protocol necessitated. “As you can see the cargo area is quite extensive, and it can be partitioned off into three distinct sections, possibly more." He pointed out the large opening on the portside with the cargo bay extending further forward and with a slight curve, with one arm motion, then to the starboard side with another motion, where at present the partition was across the cargo area, except for one section that was withdrawn creating an opening. “This has been helpfully left as is, highlighting the partition is movable in sections so you have configuration options right there.” He glanced back across at Megan. “Anything catch your attention so far? or you want to take a closer look at?”

Megan looked in the directions as James pointed to some of the features. She listened to him speak. "I'd like a walk through the *ship and have Akiashiro Ship Techs to look over the ship. To see how well maintained the ship is. They would have to access the shipboard computers and have somewhat free reign in looking over the ship." She looked at James. "They won't mind the escort as long left unhindered to do their job." Megan gave a slight, yet noticeable shrug. "Standard operational procedure when acquiring a used ship." Still watching James. ~be interesting to get to know better..~ The wayward thought flitted through her mind.

“That seems reasonable, what if our security patrolled between the areas your techs are looking at, that should accommodate both angles i think.” James suggested with a note of understanding, of course they needed a level of freedom for tests and checks, but it couldn’t be completely unsupervised he was grateful Megan seemed to accept this, he went back to pointing out features of the ship this time focusing on the ships workings. “There are hatches that provide access to the nacelles and also the impulse exhaust assembly, at the aft of the cargo bay.” He swiveled around and pointed out the access points which could be picked out, even at this distance thanks to the caution labeling that surrounded them. “The core access, both computer and warp, is this way. As is the corridor to the bridge, the crew areas are in between, if you’ll follow me.” He set off at a fairly leisurely pace, pausing by a non-descript access door adjacent to prominently signed crew access door. “Code for this particular door, nine-nine-four-four-beta.” He stood to one side as he punched at the keypad, giving a visual of the numbers used as he recited them, flashed a smile as the door opened. “Techs can have good nosey and test things out, feel free to have a look yourself? or i could show you the bridge area?” James added hopefully.

Megan turned to her group, "Permission granted to check the ship out." She followed him around the ship as the Akiashiro Techs began to access the external access points on the ship once they were shown. She took note of the access code to the interior of the ship, on her datapadd. "I would like to see the bridge." Flashing a soft smile at James. "Lead the way." She stepped into the ship, looking around her, as she waited for James. It would take the Techs a while to perform basic inspection from the external access points, giving them some time alone.

Stepping towards the crew deck entrance, James paused as the door slid aside, well the left side did the right well it still opened just very slowly. “Thuis door sticks a bit, a minor thing for your Techs. Anyway, you’ll notice the crew area has a bit more flare.” They stopped into a corridor whose walls were decorated with an expanding flash of sunburst orange, woven through were lines of deep greens, iridescent purples, electric blues, and bright yellows, all of varying thickness. “The contrast is stark, but i kinda like it, it reminds me of a place from years gone by.” He commented with a smile, strolling along the corridor with no real urgency, content with it just being the pair of them. “Crew mess and lounge is through there.” swinging a thumb over his left shoulder as they passed. “These ones are quite well equipped, a pair of drinks dispensers and a replictor, definitely one of the better ones I've seen.” There was another grin as he glanced across at Megan. “What's your preference, the basics or a little luxury? I’m talking about personal preference rather than company policy here.”

"I've preferred luxuries when travelling when they're available." Megan looked up at him, then in the direction he indicated. "Sounds like previous crew liked them also for having the amenities provided and the previous captain owner was pretty successful in hauling freight."

“Noted.” He commented with a smile, they had continued the stroll, reached the door to the bridge, which was clearly, if functionally signed. The space beyond continued in the same vane, the bulkhead were just bare metal, and the two consoles were utilitarian in look and function. This all jared with the other chair, the captains or skippers, the seat and back were heavily padded, and covered in red velvet, that looked as if it were brushed and cleaned regularly the single communications board and status display was surrounded by black leather which still had a shine to it, a clear sign of being looked after. James put his hand on the back and swivelled it back and forth as he spoke. “The best i can say is well looked after, from the schematics and power distribution diagram, you could run the whole ship from this room if need be. What do you think?

"This is more than just a freighter. More like some rich boy's yacht." Megan spoke as she entered the bridge and ran a hand over the captain's chair. She looked over the bridge with interest. She used her multi-function PaDD, activating the camera to record visuals of the bridge. "I can say with 97% accuracy in we, Akiashiro, will take this ship. Once we get the engineering inspection done."

Sounds floated into the Bridge area as the techs had entered ship. Chief of the group began giving instruction to subordinates assigned tasks to make the inspection to go faster. He entered the bridge, taking a look over the bridge a bit slowly.

Megan settled into Captains seat. Eyes glittered with a soft smile, liking the how the chair was very comfortable. "I'll start the process from my end to proceed with the transfer of ownership." She stood up as she gave the nod to the senior tech to begin with the bridge inspection. Turning to the senior tech. "How's the inspection going?"

Senior tech looked at his PaDD, tapping in commands quickly with pauses for a minute or two. He looked up. "So far, this ship is in very good condition. But has discrepancies that..." Letting his voice fade, giving James a quick glance, then back to her. "has no effect on the current conditions of the ship. Very well built for its class of ship."

Megan looked thoughtful, expression going back to its hard neutral expression as she listened to her Senior tech. "I understand. Proceed with the Bridge." Turning to James, expression lighting up to a soft neutral expression.

James leaned on the helm chair back, offered a thin smile when Megan seated herself in the skippers chair." Your looking quite at home, in that chair." He observed aloud. He spent the next few moments continuing to watch and listen particularly when the tech chief came in to make his report, he started freely but the sideways glance and the change of subject, definitely holding something back, but perhaps now was not the time to bring it up, timing was everything sometimes.

As intriguing as he was by Megan, added to his own eagerness to get rid of the ship, he made sure not to let either pull to much influence on him. “Here’s hoping the offer and procedures prompt Tumeris to come out into the open. Do you need to stay around or should we go get a drink and get the details sorted?”

Megan gave one more glance around the bridge and stood. "Sounds like a good idea. They can finish up without us." She moved towards the exit. Her movement more graceful than before, letting James catch up with her. "This would be something I could use for long range business trips and maybe a vacation or two."

Pushing himself off and away from the chair back, he took a couple of quick steps to catch up and then strolled along the short corridor. "It'd be a great way to start off a vacation, a touch more relaxing than finding a berth on a transport that's for sure." He commented as they walked, his last leave spell was almost six months ago and that particular remark reminded him of that fact, fortunately this particular base was in a friendly system, a trip to the planet in the next couple of moths might be in order.

Megan wrinkled her nose, gave soft snort as she spoke. "Transport?! ... We have plenty long-range and short-range shuttle class ships for personal usage, other than using transports. This would be ideal for a family outings' and business trips."

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