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what makes you tick

Posted on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 @ 11:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Jek'Lar Son of Koss & Chief Petty Officer James Calmara

Mission: The Archan Job
Location: Strategic Operations Office

All though it was not his habit, Jimmy had spent almost all of the lift ride engrossed in the details of the Padd he carried. Which involved the comings and goings of vessels, specifically starfleet vessels that came within the Starbase area of operations, and the nature of their missions. In preparation for a meeting with Jek'Lar, the officer overseeing strategic operations, James found these types of face to face meetings useful, knowing how a person operated meant less chance of being caught out by misunderstandings or the unexpected.

A glance upwards when the lift car stopped, and he recognised his need to exit onto that deck, he strolled through the outer corridor, turning into the wide deck area, he glanced around and settled on the rather imposing klingon officer. Striding up with purpose he addressed respectfully. “Lieutenant Commander, Jek'Lar Chief James Calmara, we’ve got a face to face scheduled I understand?”

Jek'lar had been lost in his thoughts. Since coming aboard the station things had been a blur of sorts. There was little to no acclimation time as there was on a starship. It was as if he was simply tossed into the fire as it were. However, Klingons were used to such things. At the moment he looked over the reports of past action aboard the station. When the Chief arrived it served as reminder to Jek'Lar that they had a meeting. "Yes Chief please have a seat. My apologies for not having this meeting sooner. It has been quite the arrival."

Jimmy smiled at the reference to the transition for ship to base, although it had been a while, he could still recall the unique experience. “Yeah, it’s an adjustment for sure, but we're here and we're talking so this is good.” He commented positively, his easy going nature showing through as he tilted the nearest chair towards him, and plonked himself down, flashing a quick smile. “So where shall we start? The status of the garrison ships is a good place? Unless you had something else on your mind?”

"I believe we should start with the ships that are in port here at the station. It is always good to know what resources are close at hand should the need arise. You as Dockmaster should have a good handle on that. So what do we have start with the Federation ships and then branch outward." Jek'Lar sat back down. The man before him was young but according to his service record he was very good at what he did.

"Well the Carthage and the Montreal are both at the usual readiness, no works being undertaken at present, but its worth bearing in mind both are scheduled for primary systems check at the end of the month." He began with the safe ships the ones that were good to go, he chose to include the planed works so the officer across from him could factor that in. Moving on to the recently dispatched ship. "The Jackal had a recent run out to K-17 and is currently having its impulse systems looked at I understand. Then we have the Wainwright, it's assigned to the Academy adjunct, but it's an asset if needs must." Again he added the final vessel just so all the options were detailed."

Jek'Lar nodded the list was both good and bad at the same time. It seemed that while all the ships were in readiness none of them were at top condition. "Very well. Let us check with Engineering and see if we can get the primary systems on the Carthage and Montreal done early. Once they are done they are in full readiness. I will check with the Captain and see if we can get a senior crew for standby assigned to the Wainwright. This way if it is needed it can go on mission without Cadets."

“I am aware that the Docks Engineering have a packed schedule, and the systems checks are done every eight weeks as part of the standard maintenance program, perhaps I should have lead with that fact. If your view is that’s something that needs tightening up, that’s a conversation that can be had.” Jimmy comments, the need to be on top of things was important, but he made sure to highlight the existing processes that were in place. Then going on to giving a brief rundown of the ‘visiting’ ships, and there current states. “We do have six fleet vessels in dock and undergoing repairs, two are undergoing there scheduled refits, so they’re here for the foreseeable. Four are undergoing repairs, two have impulse engine issues, one has a deflector damage, another took considerable hull damage and is having entire sections replaced.”

"I see... If it would get the ships back into service quicker then yes you should take the lead. I would like those vessels ready should they be needed. It is as I said we most likely will not need them. However, it is best to be prepared. Now that we have addressed the ships in dock and readiness. What if anything can you tell me about the threats to the station?" Jek'Lar had to be brought up to speed, and fast. That is if he wants to stay ahead of the game as it were.

Jimmy nodded along with the idea of having as many ship ready and waiting, he also knew the reality was going to be a little more tricky, he was working out how to pitch the request to the dock engineers when the next question took him completely by surprise, it probably shouldn't have, but it did. "Strat Ops really do have sources everywhere." After a pause to consider before answering. "Klingon, Gorn, tensions are the biggest concern right now, it has started to affect civilian traffic, for now i understand it's manageable."

Jek'Lar was going to have to send a message to his contacts in the Klingon High Council. He would have to learn what is going on between the Klingons and the Gorn. "Very well... Do we know if any of their skirmishes occurred anywhere near our space?"

"I couldn't say for sure either way." He responded, his habit was making a personal note of any talk of incidents, and cross referencing, and corroborating with monitoring stations before including such in any official report. "I can make discrete enquiries among some of the more diligent captains I'm familiar with, see what turns up?" He suggested.

"Good idea Chief, please do. The more information I can get a hold of the better prepared we can be if something was to happen. Thank you for the information Chief. Do you have any questions for me?" Jek'Lar used the question as an effort to show that he was not all business. He did not want Chief Calmara to think him too cold.

Thinking for a moment, Jimmy went as little more personal and asked. "I'll take you up on the any, Why choose starfleet? I'm sure it wasn't the only option open to you, why choose this life?"

Jek'lar was caught off guard by the question. It was not something one expected from someone who served under them. However, he deigned to answer the question anyway. "I feel that everything that is Klingon should be shared with the world. Add to that my want to learn of others, to take part in other cultures. That is a recipe for joining Starfleet if there ever was one."

"Sounds like a very good recipe." James nodded agreeably, before relating his own bite-sized story. "I grew up on a spacestation, so being out here is kind of in the blood, tried a few civilian careers but starfleet offered the stability that no one else could, you know, so here i am am." He flashed a grin and a nod before taking his leave with a parting comment. "Well i'll leave you to your duties, I'm sure you've got plenty to be getting on with. It seems I have a few conversations with dock engineers to have."

"Indeed.. Dismissed Chief." Jak'Lar said and watched as the man left. If this man was any indication the Klinigon's work on this station should be easy. Efficiency seemed to be in no short supply and that pleased Jek'Lar to no end.


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