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New Ancient Look

Posted on Thu Jun 30th, 2011 @ 1:40pm by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Warp-12 :: SB 332

The walls were of ancient stone of white Marble streaked with blues, blacks, and silver with finely carved mahogoney wood shelves with finely painted urns that towered up to eight feet in height, which showed life as it was then. Farmers working the feilds with domesticated beast of burdens. Soldiers in formation with chariots with sleeker looking beast of burdens. Females washing clothes at the river with children playing nearby and swimming. Buruecrats dealing with clients and laboruors carrying bigfull bags of produce. Murals of the rulers in royal regelia, looking stoicaly outward along with the Astrocrats of the time.

Along one wall where the bar was at, was along table with stools lined up neatly and on the tender's side was shelves that held the imported liquors and beers from all over the galaxy in their holo-projected clay bottles with their content written in calligerphy of ancient times. Tables were of the sturdy oak planks, scarred from abuse from previous patrons, showing dents and dings. Carvings of animals and notes of endearments to each other. Of course, the insults, but put in a lot more politer terms.

Upper section was similiar as the lower level minus the stage and bar, but had more plantlife and alot more airier with cherrywood tresle tables designed to hold various size groups of people within a cubicle of bushy plantlife to provide privacy for the patrons. The lighting was dim, yet bright enough to see to enjoy the view of the night time sky of space in all it's granduer.

Samanthia leaned back in her chair and looked over the view of what she had designed for the club on her monitor. She continued, making minor correction to the design as she looked it over with a critical eye. It was fascinating as she made minor changes and addition for the decor.

After a few long hours had past, one of the employees of the club, knocked on her door, before sticking her head into the Office. "The place is empty of customers, Miss Akiashiro."

Samanthia nodded and smiled, transfering her work to a disc. Standing up, "thanks.." As she moved to the exit and heading to the holo-projection room with the Warp-12 crew looking on with anticapation.

She unlocked the room and entered. Moving to main console and inserted the disc. She tapped in commands to upload the newest decor for the place. She hummed softly as she watch it upload from the disc to the holo-projector computer.

Once that was done. She typed in more commands and the current decor began to shimmer as it went through the metamorphious of the change to the new design decor of ancient rooms with stone stairs heading up to the upper level.

She locked the holo-projector control room behind her and moved through the place checking the furniture out to see if it was solid as programmed. Then took to the stairs up to the second level and looked the place over. She smiled feeling the cool air moving through the room and the various holo-plants gently swaying in the soft breeze.

"Excellent!" Softly exclaims as she continues to check out the place for convience, privacy and safety of her customers.

She nodded once that was done and headed back down to join up with her employees. "Go and check this place out. If you find any discrepencies or safety issue. Let me know so I can correct them." Waving them to go check out the place.

She moved to the bar and helped herself to a soft drink as her employees scattered about the club, enjoying the new scenary of the place. It was wonderful and felt good to see the expression of delight on her employees' faces.

Soon they all rejoined her and gave their reports. There was a few discrepencies in the decor and Samanthia corrected them by using her remote controls to fix the problems, till there was none left.

"Open for business," Samanthia smiled, giving the command to resume business with the station. Hoping that Station personel will like the change in decor.


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