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Just Another Day in Medical

Posted on Fri Jul 1st, 2011 @ 2:25am by Lieutenant Commander Melissa Daniels M.D.

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Starbase Medical Center

Dr. Daniels entered the ER and proceeded toward a young teenage boy and his mother. "Well now, lets see what we got here." She began to examine the arm. there was a laceration on it that ran from the elbow to the hand. "You are fortunate you didn't sever the radial arteries. Or you would've needed a transfusion." Melissa stated.

The teenager rolled his eyes and his mother gave him a disapproving look. Melissa took out a probe and a tricorder and began to examine the injury. "Let me guess, hoverboarding on the Promenade? And you tried to do a skid off the lower mezzanine railing?" His eyes widened a bit. Melissa smiled, "I was once a teenager myself. Used to get a kick out of watching the boys and their stupid stunts." She picked up a tissue regenerator and a hypersonic sanitizer. The Doctor then began the process of deep cleaning the wound, and then regenerating it. The wound sealed up nicely until the scar remained.

Melissa then spoke, "Alright, I want this to heal on its own for a few days. And you can kiss your hoverboard goodbye because I have to inform security." Melissa picked up a lollypop and gave it to the teen. He rolled his eyes and jumped off the biobed. As the teen, with his parents, left Melissa could hear his mother lecturing him. Dr. Daniels entered her office and sat down. "I wonder if I have that to look forward to if I become a mother." She noted. "That's if I become a mother." She looked up at the ceiling. "What am I? Thirty something, and still single?" She noted.

Melissa also giggled, "And when he finds out my past life. 'Ow, there's one thing you have to know about me hun, I once was an Assassin. We can still be friends, right?" Melissa looked up. "Hmm..." She activated her console and found the Base's personals section. She began to make an entry.

Single, lonely human female desiring long term companionship.
Must be charming and courteous
Humanoids Preferred, but Interspecies relationships will be considered.
Absolutely no Pak'leth, Nausicaans, Yridians, Ferengi, or Methane Breathers.
Must be proficient in Shakespeare

Reply to this thread if interested.

Melissa sighed and pushed the send button on her console.


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