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Exploring her New Community

Posted on Fri Jul 1st, 2011 @ 11:25am by Lieutenant JG Erica De'Havean

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: SB 332

Erica moved through the starbase promenade, looking for an interesting place to become a regular at. She missed flying the big ships, but the shuttle runs to the planet was okay, but after awhile it gotten boring and tame. Seeing the same scenary over and over again, did get abit monotonious after awhile.

Now she was on her free time to explore the Starbase. She started at the very bottom level and explored it till she knew every nook and cranny. Even surprising a few players in illicit card games in progress. She just motioned for them to continue what they was doing as she moved on making a mental note to come back and join in a few hands herself.

Taking note of all of the holodecks in use and then came the puzzlement when she couldn't access deck 1403. She left the turbolift one floor above the Deck 1403 and moved to the access stairs to head down one deck. Coming to the level and looked at the door. Seeing the posted sign, she read it.

Deck Level 1403
Authorized Personnel Only
Akiashiro Clan and Employees

Erica looked puzzled at that and made her way back up to level 1404 and left the stair well into the level proper. She moved to the turbolift to continue her explorations of her new home before retiring for the night.


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