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Date Number One

Posted on Sat Jul 2nd, 2011 @ 10:19pm by Lieutenant Commander Melissa Daniels M.D.

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Carthage Bar and Grill
Timeline: Current

Melissa entered the restaurant and spoke to the waiter, "Hello there, Table for two please." She mentioned to the Waiter.

"Of course, this way." The waiter moved her toward a table and sat her down. She sat down and placed a book on the table. She began to get comfortable as the waiter spoke again. "Something to drink ma'am?"

"What do you have in the way of wine?" She asked, and the waiter gave her the wine list. "Give me a moment with this. Melissa began to look over the wine menu, while trying to imagine what he'd look like. She began to examine every man that entered the restaurant. Several of them were quite handsome. So much that she seemed entranced with them, that was until her shoulder slid the book off and under the table. She tried to move down to pick it up, when she noticed the most hideous looking man entered carrying flowers. Not only did he have an impressive five-o-clock shadow on him, but his clothes looked like they had just been pulled from the waste disposal yard. He walked over with a paper. "Uh Hello, are you Melissa?" He asked.

Melissa shook off the shock. "Uh know. I'm Catherine Halsey, and I run a florist shop here. You interested in flowers?" This was not what she wanted when she set out to find a man. And definitely, he needed to be charming. This wasn't charming, not in the slightest. "Oh... ok...." The fat man stumbled off and began to ask around. Melissa stood and began to make her way out of the restaurant.

It was then that a nice looking man arrived and walked up to his brother. "Howard, did you deliver the flowers?" He asked.

"Uh... no..." The man asked.

"Twit!" The man stated. "Can't you follow simple instructions?"


Melissa entered her office, and completely out of breath. "Wonderful Melissa, you had to put that personal out." She sat down at her desk. "What am I? A repellant for every eligible bachelor on the base?" She muttered. "Ow.. I hate my life...." She muttered with her head down. "Oh well, I don't think we would've gotten past the point where I would've had to tell him that I was once an Assassin. That would just kill everything." She muttered.

"That and I have an MD after my name." She said in denial. "Men don't like women with MD's" She mused. "Computer, one chocolate sundae with chocolate syrup."



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