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Secret Meeting

Posted on Tue Jul 5th, 2011 @ 3:45pm by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Edge of the Ritorian Territory

The Orion Syndicate controlled frieghter dropped out of warp in the heavily contested astriod field in the Federation / Ritorian Nuetral Zone. Ook moved through the ship, and knocked on Termi'Aldo's door to his quarters. "Boss 'an! We're here." He yelled through the now opening door of the quarters.

Termi'Aldo nodded when he heard the report, getting up as he spoke, "Any signs of our Ritorian Guests?" Advancing towards Ook and leaving the quarters to follow his ship Captian up to the bridge.

"No Boss," Ook simply replied as he moved back to the bridge with Termi'Aldo. "Frifidaire been informed also."

The three met on the bridge just as the view screen showed a ship growing larger as it approached the OCS freighter.

"Excellent timing, Captian Ook!" Termi'Aldo smiled warmily at the Orion Captian, nodding to Frifidaire as he appeared from the other corridor leading to the bridge.

Frifidaire nodded, taking his usual spot on the bridge. Letting Termi'Aldo take charge in meeting the Ritorians.

"Make contact with the Ritorian ship!" Termi'Aldo barked out the command and soon the view shimmered to show the Ritorian Commander. "Greetings and salutations from OCS, Captian!" Termi'Aldo smiled at the stoic looking Ritorian Captian.

"Greetings in return, OCS Leader. Have you got the usual shipment of stock? The weapons we asked for?" Ritorian scowled as he watched them intently.

"And you have the Ritorian Jelly?" Termi'Aldo fired right back at him, glaring right back at the Ritorian Commander.

Ritorian nodded, "We'll connect our ships together." Spoke in a softer voice.

The two ship maneuvered as the two Leaders spoke with each other, setting up the next trade. Arguing over what can be traded or not.

After a few hours had past and a ship full of Ritorian Jelly and Guest. The shipment of outdated weapons and living stock tranfered to the Ritorian Armed Freighter, Orion Syndicate controlled ship returned to back into Federation Controlled space to make it's distrubition run and to drop off SB-332 Syndicate Boss and his lieutenant.


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