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Personel Ads

Posted on Tue Jul 5th, 2011 @ 4:07am by Samanthia Akiashiro
Edited on on Tue Jul 5th, 2011 @ 4:08am

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Lower decks :: SB-332

Oscar smiled at reading the adds of people wanting to met with other people. He like reading the Add of this Melissa, who was a Fleet Doctor. He nodded to himself as he set about carefully writing a message to her. After several hours and uncounted (alot) of crumple started notes to engage this Doctor for meet-up, littered the floor around the wastebasket in his quarters. He didn't want the rest of the crew to know as they would try to steal her from him.

"Does she like chocolates? Or Flowers?" Oscar looked concern as he debated and second guessed himself. He exhaled sharply and long, shoulders slumping as he crushed the pen against the paper and the writing desk, sending ink all over the place. "I know! He exclaimed gleefully, "Wo-meen like money! I'll give her alot, so she could treat herself at me expense!"

He cleaned up the mess and then set about laying out his best work maintenance uniform. Lower Torpedo Technician Fourth Class Civilian Armenent Specialist. He even took out the unused lint brush roller from its never open plastic covering and rolled it over ever square inch of the freshly cleaned pressed uniform.

Oscar nodded to himself, thinking his dear departed mother would be proud of him the way he paid attention to her lectures as he grew up, when he first started to notice the finer gender, The Female.

"Okay Oscar. Rule one; keep your explosive temper under control. Two; Walk away if it become to much trouble and apologyze later. She'll understand hopefully that emergancies do happen!" He muttered as he sent a quick letter to Melissa.

Dear Mz Doc Melissa Daniels !

Warp-12, 7 pm or 1900 hrs at the purple and black huge vase. 2 days from receet of message.

Thanks. Let me know if you bringing girlfriend along so I can bring friend also.

Oscar Juliet Pugh

He sent it off before he could chicken out and carefully put the cellophane over the uniform and hung it back up in his wardrobe/locker. Then now was the time for getting abit sloshed with friends of the lower decks after he marked it on his calender on the wall for this important date other than the loose women that plied their trade in the more seedier bars of the lower decks.

Oscar wasn't by no mean ugly, but would by most people be concidered 'rugged' looking. Slightly overweight, yet no beer belly, definitely in good shape for a man his size, standing at 6 ft, 8 inches. A slightly crooked nose from one too many 'one on one' meeting with walls or floors or another's appendages. Very meticulious about his appearance and of course his wobbly baby blue eyes. Brown long unruly hair worn in a tight pony tail down to his mid back. Baby faced, one of those rare types that seam never to grow any facial hair, except for the eyebrows which were trimmed to prevent the bushy neanderthal appearance.

If a background check is done on him with Security, he's been in the drunk tank for drunken behavior with a vicious streak. But nothing warrent to face extridition from the Starbase 332. At current, nothing proven or any witness's to step forward to collaberate the victim's stories to warrent more harsher judgicial actions other than a night in the drunk tank.

Oscar hummed merrily as he left his small quarters for the night to have fun and enjoyment that could be offered to one of his stature and tastes.

TFCCAS Oscar Juliet Pugh (Npc'ed by Samanthia Akiashiro)


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