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Flight Physical

Posted on Tue Jul 5th, 2011 @ 4:03am by Lieutenant JG Erica De'Havean & Lieutenant Commander Melissa Daniels M.D.

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: SB-332 Infirmary

Ensign De'Havean looking through her messages and notices that she needed to do. Seeing that her Flight Physical was about to expire and soon needed to be done. Since it was her scheduled day off from flight duty, she got cleaned up and put on loose flowing clothes of the Ciatians.

Making sure she was well groomed and looking really nice. She left her quarters and made her way to the closest infirmary and entered with her medical records in paw/hand. Seeing the female doctor finish up with a civilian family, Erica moved to the doctor.

"Excuse me, Doc. I need to get a flight physical done. I know I'm early. But I don't know if I'll have time in the future to get one at the regulary scheduled time. Since I am free and off duty with time. I'd thought to come by and see about getting it done." Erica wrinkled her nose at the soft underlying scent of disinfectants. She held out her PaDD with her complete military medical records to the doctor.

Melissa smiled. "Ah yes, the busy type aren't we? Well we cater especially to those like you Ensign. And I'm glad you found time to get this done, without giving us any silly excuses. Saves us the time from chasing you down."

"Being this close to the frontier, who knows what will happen the next minute." Erica smiled lightly. "Besides it gives me a chance to see new places and it is good to know how to get here if there is an emergency with power crashing all over the place."

Melissa spoke, "Nurse Rawlins, please take Ensign De'Havean to Examination Room Four, I'll be with her in a moment. And do a standard tricorder exam."

"Yes Doctor," Rawlins stated. "This way Ensign." The nurse gestured down the hall.

Erica followed the Nurse Rawlins to examination room, liking the easy relaxed atmosphere of the place and seeing the Doctor quite cheerful.

It was not too long before Melissa entered the examination room with a large PADD. "Well now, Hybrid Physiology, Human and Caitian." She said as she read. "Have you had any side effects from your boosters recently?" She asked as she preformed a followup examination, and doing an Occular Exam with her penlight.

"I have no problems with the boosters. Could even use abit more for Anti-radiation as I'm in a smaller craft outside the station thicker hull and shield systems. Not many ship cater to families aboard the ships, unless you get a Soveriegn or some of the bigger ships of the fleet." Erica looking relaxed and a bit felinish smugness of being comfortable, except for the light smell of disinfectant in the air.

Melissa continued, "Any of the Base's flora and fauna giving you trouble? I can program some Anti-Histamines into your Replicator if you want to spend a day in the Base Arboretum." She offered.

"Andorian Tri-Lup... An Ice Rose that is grown on Andoria." Erica eyes narrow briefly. "I do enjoy the pleasing look it has." She looks thoughtful as her tail behind her swishes on the bed back and forth once, before curling around her with the tip resting on her knees.

Melissa nodded, "What about your Hormone Blockers, are they helping you control your Estrous Cycle?" She asked.

"Sometimes, except when in a target enriched environment," Erica giving a cheeky felinish smile showing beautiful white sharp teeth. "I need mainly to carry some with me when I go out on patrol missions and with me when I make my shuttle runs to Archia. To have on hand when I'm away from the Starbase."

Melissa spoke again, "I've sent several refills of your hormone medication to your Replicator." She punched some more commands into the PADD. "That should leave more men for those of us that are hopelessly single." She said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Oh no! They would go for you before they even took a glance at me." Erica smiles encouragingly at Melissa. "You are a beautiful mature woman that any man worth anything would go for in heartbeat over a mixbreed like me!" Remembering her time back with the Cait Defence Force where plenty of times she was the last choice to be invited anywhere or not at all.

Melissa smiled, "Oh don't put yourself down. When the men notice the MD at the end of my name, they run for the hills. It seems the smart brunettes and browns are no match for the curvy blonde risian types and their bikini bodys" She noted "I'm going to check your pelt, and make sure there isn't any unwelcome visitors hiding in there."

Erica purred at the grooming session as the Doctor looked through her fur. Her tail caressed against Melssia's arm breify, before flopping down over her the back of her legs with a simple tip twitch.

Erica watched Melissa work, "Can I have everything recorded onto my medical padd for me to have on hand in-case it is need elsewhere when I am away from the station?" Looking hopefully at Melissa.

Melissa nodded and inserted a isolinear chip into a nearby console. She programed some data onto it and then pulled it out and handed it to Erica. "Your files and your medications for the road, Ms. De'Havean." She noted. "Oh, and lets not forget the most important medication of all." She gave her a lollypop.

Erica De'Havean gave a soft chuffing felinish giggles with soft meow/squeaks as she took the lollipop from her. Eyes opening up all round, ears perking up, in a semi-childish adult tone, "Meow! Thank you kind Doctor Commander!" She was making it obvious it was full of playful humour.

Melissa smiled, "I'm going to have my nurse give you an supplemental anti-radiation booster. It might make you a bit nauseous for an hour, but it's better than glowing in the dark. And, I guess if all our efforts with the guys fail, we can do what the Amazons did." She noted. "Kidnap men and use them for reproduction."

Erica nearly rolled off the bio-bed with laughter at the comment, "I am sure there are more pleasurable alternatives than to resorting to brute force. We'll just have to play it by ear and tail to see what happens. I heard that Warp-12 is open for crew talent to perform for the Starbase enjoyment. Do a caberat act together. Everyone is attracted to performers."

Melissa laughed a bit. "I'd love to Ensign, but I have to remain on call right now. We've had protests recently. Nothing too violent, but I've had to treat people for smoke inhalation. Amongst other things." She noted. "Some of the Civilian Population on the base are not exactly fond of a Starfleet Presence in this sector." Melissa stated.

Erica nodded, "I noticed the lackidasical manner in the way civilians went about their duties. I just hope it doesn't get to violent. Being this close to the borders and the unknown. Who knows is watching to take an advantage of the situation."

Melissa responded, "It's only a matter of time before some antagonist promotes violence as a solution. Then we'll need doctors more that words." She noted, "Have a good day Ensign."

Erica gotten dressed back in her uniform, pocketing the isoliner chip with her medical records on it. "Thanks and have a good day," with a wave as she left the infirmary, feeling abit nausious from the anti-radiation booster shot.


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