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Getting Physical

Posted on Mon Jul 4th, 2011 @ 3:45pm by Lieutenant Commander Melissa Daniels M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Jonathon Bastin PhD

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Infirmary, Starbase 322
Timeline: SL D01; 1600hrs

Lieutenant Commander Jonathon Bastin, fresh from his conversation with the Commodore, made his way down the corridor that would inevitably take him to the place in which he would likely find himself poked and prodded for the sake of doing his duty. The initial physical was always a pain... mostly in the schedule. Jon had nothing against doctors... hell, if it hadn't been for a doctor, Jon never would have seen Lieutenant... or anything else for that matter. Personal trauma aside, Jon couldn't help but wonder what this particular doctor... Daniels if he remembered the name right, would be like. He wasn't even sure if the doctor was a male of female... his fault for not asking.

Jon walked into the Infirmary with nothing short of an inquisitive look on his face. He did so love mingling with other departments... save Science... all that jargon just made his head spin. The fact that he was going to be a patient for the first encounter with this particular compartment didn't really stave off his curiosity. The man just liked new things, he couldn't help himself.

"Excuse me, Nurse. Is there a Doctor in the house? I have this terrible problem... you see, I haven't gotten my junk grabbed since I reported aboard and I fear they won't let me start working if I don't," Jon inquired with the nearest nurse, who just happened to be female. He put on his best and most charming 'diplomat' smile, and watched her blush despite herself.

"I'll get Doctor Daniels for you..." the woman said, hurrying toward the office of the Chief Medical Officer.

"Ooo... the royal treatment," Jon chuckled to himself as he started looking around again while he waited for the Doctor.

The Nurse entered the Office. "Doctor Daniels, someone's at the desk and asking for you, and from the looks of him, he's another one of those charmer types with the fake smiles who thinks they're funny." Nurse Rawlins stated.

Melissa grinned, "Alright, I'll be out there to deal with him in a moment. Do a preliminary tricorder scan on him." Rawlins nodded and left the Doctor's office. She returned to her desk. "This way please."

Jon nodded and followed the woman to their destination, taking in the sights and sounds as they walked. From the looks of it, they weren't overly business, which was likely a good thing for all parties involved...

Rawlins directed him to a bio-bed and gestured for him to sit down. The nurse opened a medical tricorder and began to do a scan of the Diplomat. Jon sat on the bed, watching the nurse performing her duties with interest. It always astounded him, mostly because the mechanics behind a tricorder escaped him, that such a small device had replaced ages of the traditional pre-exam banter.

A woman with light brown hair, with a fair complexion, and wearing a medical overcoat entered the room. "Ah, Doctor Bastin. A pleasure to meet you. I'm Doctor Melissa Daniels." She stated.

"What's up, Doc?" Jon grinned, more so at the underlying joke he'd made more than anything. It dawned on him, being that it was something one had to research to actually understand, his inside joke most probably seemed rather flat, if she even recognized it for a joke at all...

Melissa grinned, "Well now 'wabbit'." She said cluing him in on the fact that she knew what he was talking about. "We'll just see what's going on under the hood, and you can back to your hunting." She held up a large PADD with the Tricorder scans and began to look up medical history. As she read, she spoke. "Dr. Bastin, You are one of the luckiest men I've ever known." She stated. If it were not for modern medicine, he'd be dead by now.

"Nah, just had some damn good doctors, that's all," Jon shrugged.

She spoke, "Initial tricorder scans do not show any complications with your past injuries, but I would like to schedule several followup examinations to make sure that we do not have any complications from your compound fractures or synthetic organs replacements. We can do this once you get settled in more. You also need a little more 'Wabbit' food in your diet." She said with a smile.

Jon balked at that, "Damn, Doc... I'm not aboard an hour and you're already trying to make me eat my veggies? Man... and I thought being single would mean I could skip that crap for a while... eat me some man food for a change. Steak, potatoes... you know... fattening crap. Ruin all my fun..."

While it was obvious by the sarcastic and jovial tone that the Diplomat was joking, there was a slight hint of pause when he mentioned his current relationship status. While he hadn't wanted. to be single again after nearly two years of being together with his recently declared ex-girlfriend, he could exactly claim that he was innocent either. Jon gave the woman a once over and figured she probably had a boyfriend or husband already. Most women he'd known who were both attractive and learned didn't stay on the market long. If only that were true for people like himself... marriage to his job notwithstanding.

Melissa gave him a smile. 'Another fish in the pond. And a nice one too. Oh this one is definitely a potential keeper.' She thought and then spoke, "Let me just put it this way to you Doctor." She folded her arms around her PADD. "Women, you can't live with us, and you can't live without us, and you're clear for duty."

"Thank you, Doc," Jon chuckled as she recounted something he'd heard a thousand times over from more than a few people in his long and rather unsuccessful love life, "I'll keep that in mind. And please, call me Jon. I'd rather we not spend our tour together fighting over who has the rights to the title 'Doctor'."

Melissa nodded, "Just as long as you do not call me 'Lieutenant Commander' or 'Commander'. I'm a doctor first and a Starfleet Officer second. Always in that order." She noted. "Perhaps we'll see each other again." She noted.

"Well, if you ever get hungry, I'm sure I can clear an hour or two and eat with you. Being new in town, I figured I'd have to wait at least a week or two before I really met anyone outside of my office and the Commodore... Give me a ring if you want. Scratch that," Jon said, a smirk forming on his lips, "You free this evening?"

Melissa nodded with a smile, "I am, though I may make you eat 'wabbit' food. 1900 Hours?" She stated.

"I'll make sacrifices as long as I don't have to eat alone my first night in a new place. 1900 it is," Jon said, hopping off the table, "Your place or mine? As in, who is picking who up?"

"I believe it is customary for the man to pick up the woman, and take her back to his place." Melissa mentioned as she held up a lollypop.

Jon took the offered treat happily, "Experience taught me a long time ago it was better to ask than to assume. See you at 1900."


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