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Date Debriefing

Posted on Fri May 22nd, 2015 @ 9:26pm by Ensign Corrine Steiner & Enlisted Cadet Jasmine [P: Steiner]
Edited on on Sun Jul 12th, 2015 @ 3:51pm

Mission: Blooming Friendships
Location: Quarters, Starbase 332


Corrine didn't settle down at ease for the rest of her dinner with S'er'in'e and Jasmine. As much as she had braced herself for the evening, Gob'kick's interjection caught her completely off guard.

Jasmine returned with her to her quarters. Her silence gave her human friend emotional space.

The first thing Corrie did was go to her newly planted blooms and inhaled deeply. "God in heaven, I hope I don't develop a resistance or immunity to this!"

"You won't."

Although invigorated, Corrie dropped wearily into an easy chair. She closed her eyes for a few moments. "Go head."

"Go ahead and what?"

She counted out a list, "Quiz me about my reactions to S'er'in'e... Ask me to explain about Gob'kick..." Corrie tipped her head back and forth, "Yeah, that should burn me with torment for a nice long while."

Jasmine offered a kindly, amused smile, "No, Corrine. You're not ready."

She groaned, "Maybe not, but I need to get it out of the way. What do you want to know first?"

After debating with herself about not continuing, Jazz replied, "The Klingon."

"No, I don't have an affinity for big brutes. Gob'kick... he... I passed him classified intel which helped him survive the pirate ambush."

"Ah. That explains why he would give a human female the time of day. Why are you so nervous about him? You afraid he'll throw a rock in your pond with S'er'in'e?"

Corrie's response was immediate. "No. It'll be safer for me if nobody makes a connection between us. He..." She shook her head, "He's just not that bright. What he was doing in Warp Twelve, I do not know. The Dive is more his style."

"Fate is often unkind with her surprises."

"I'm probably overreacting. It's not abnormal for civvy captains to touch bases with Ops. I just... need to avoid him."

Jasmine studied her eyes. "There's more."

Corrie sighed and made eye contact. "Combat sport aside, I can't see Caitian and Klingons getting along."

Jasmine guessed, "S'er'in'e mentioned matriarchal order."

"Exactly. Klingon doesn't respect that."

The Shokirian tipped her head pensively, "You seem surprised."

"I am. This is the first feline matriarchal species that I've seen. I thought that Earth felines were, but I was wrong."

Jasmine couldn't help but smile, "You've been studying felines?"

Corrine cleared her throat, resettling in her seat, "Well... Alright, I confess, yes!" She folded her hands and sighed, staring off. "They're complicated. I thought that the male lion was nothing but a lazy sperm donor who let the female pride do all his hunting. What I didn't take into account was his whole life cycle." At seeing Jasmine's puzzled expression, she elaborated, "From what I understand, young males are exiled to live on their own. He must hunt for himself, without pride advantage. If he can become strong and win a fight against a well fed, well rested pride king, then he deserves to take his place. Therefore, the male genes are more rigorously selected than the pride females."

"You think that Caitian social structure is equally complicated?"

"I don't know, yet."

"That makes you uneasy, doesn't it?"

Corrie sighed and nodded.

"Corrine, my species has among the most xeno relationships. We can affirm, it's almost never easy. But if there's love, it's always worth it."

"LOVE? Are you nuts? I've barely met the man! What's the matter with you?"

Jasmine couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sorry, Corrine. I'm not trying to rush you into marriage."

Corrie gave her a sullen look, "Uh HUH!"

"I only want you to come out of your self imposed emotional exile."

Corrie ran her fingers back into her loose hair, "Why... WHY am I even thinking about these things?"

"Because this is the first time in your life you've been able to, physically and circumstantially. It's a natural reaction to coming out of your pain. I'd be surprised if you didn't."

"So help me, if you say 'arrested development', I'm going to ship you off to a convent!"

Again, Jasmine burst into laughter.

Corrie sighed in a weary plea, "Jazz, please give me an objective opinion. What are the chances that I've stumbled into something real?"

Jasmine smiled gently with kind eye contact, "There are no percentages in situations like this. It either is or it isn't." She gave a nod and resettled, "I can give you solid time proven advice. It's time itself. Don't claw for answers, pardon the pun. Like those beautiful healing flowers, let it bloom in its own time. Don't try and force it." She tipped her head, "Don't slam the door on it, either, unless you want to be a big coward and run away."

That provoked a smile and a thrown seat pillow. "Your turn's gonna come someday, 'Cupcake'! I'm looking forward to it."

"Ihhh, maybe in thirty or forty years."

Corrie's chin dropped and her eyes widened, "Long lifespan?"

"Well, we're not talking El-Aurian, but yes. We're good for a few centuries. You could be too, with little help."

Corrie squinted pensively, "Young or all pruned?"



Jasmine's eyes widened. "Shhh! We can't talk about it. The Ferengi will really be after me!" She offered a wicked smile, "Ohhh, the awful things I could invent, here."

As she was increasingly prone to do, Corrie playfully dived at and gently wrestled the laughing girl. "Someday I'm going to figure you out!"

"You'll have to keep me around for that. Hey! Or, you could come to the convent with me! We could be roommates, Sister Corrine!"

Corrie groaned, tugging at her own hair and rolling away. "Nooooooo!"



Ens. Corrine Steiner
Cadet Jasmine

Starbase 332
Pegasus Fleet


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