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Arrival At 332

Posted on Sun Nov 26th, 2017 @ 7:36pm by Lieutenant Marc Madigan & Lieutenant Paul Sharpe

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Various
Timeline: Current

--Two weeks prior to arrival to SB 332--

- Transport ship Triton - Sharpe's Temporary Quarters -

Lieutenant Paul Sharpe was on his way to his new posting it would take some time as a transport ship was not a ship of the line, currently he was asleep in his quarters in a deep and peaceful sleep, then he found himself in his nightmare, this caused him to toss and turn as sweat formed on his brow and body.


Once again he was in a familiar/unfamiliar surroundings, as usual, the faces of those around him could not be distinguished, yet they were somehow familiar. He took in his surroundings and like always wherever he was the place was on red alert and people were running around like headless chickens or heading to combat stations, he felt more than heard someone shouting for him to take cover, then next thing he knew he was behind a security defence line with a combat harness on and a Phaser rifle in his hands and he wondered how he attained the equipment.

There were disruptor bolts flying over his head, he took the occasional pot shot at the unseen enemy not knowing if he hit anyone, as the air was thick with enemy fire. He did not know who he was fighting, but he felt like he was in a war, that had yet to happen, then again it was probably a metaphor as the only constant common denominator in all these nightmares was his death. For all he knew that could have also been a metaphor, he would not know until it actually happened.

"Here they come people, take aim and fire at will!" an unseen voice shouted.

Along with the rest of the defenders, he came out of cover and aimed his weapon at hostiles whose faces were like that of the Starfleet officers indistinguishable. He paused a fraction of a second then fired his weapon, the charging enemy were cut down in droves, the survivors finally pulled back leaving their dead behind, the moment it went quiet, he looked at the opposite wall and there was a clock counting down again, this had been the second time he had seen one, this time it was analogue, not digital like the last, he felt his left eyebrow raise.

"Curious!" Sharpe said to himself and suddenly again found himself outside the escape pod area, whatever ship or base he was on, it was going down if the shaking and falling corridor ceiling was anything to go by, not to mention the exploding ODN cables, he was helping with an evacuation eve4ntually he was the last one as he looked down the corridor and saw a fireball coming his way.

He started to climb into the escape pod when he felt the heat reach him, he knew seconds behind that was the flame, he looked in the direction, then as if time had paused, when in fact it was that moment in between heartbeats where everything was super slow, he looked into the flames and accepted his fate. He felt pushed back by the pressure as time sped up again and as he was consumed by the flames...

(End Dreamscape)

With a start, heart beating ninety to the dozen he sat bolt upright in bed covered in sweat and panting like an old tired nag "Oh man! that was closer than last time!" he exclaimed.

He got out of bed on shaky legs and hobbled over to the replicator "computer large glass of water very cold" he said and the moment he picked it up he chucked it over his head and shuddered as the very cold water woke him up fully. He then replicated a synth ale and knocked that back then looked at the clock, he was due to get up in one and a half hours, so he entered the sonic shower.

- 0700 - Transports Canteen -

He was sitting at a table with his back to the bulkhead watching the doors as he ate his meal and he thought about his top-secret sanctioned mission while he was a cadet, he knew that he could never talk about it to anyone as his extraction was a clean one and others besides those who had to know would only be in danger.

As he was finishing his meal the transports Captain spoke over the tannoy "All passengers this is the captain, just to let you know there is to be an exercise class in the main gym all passengers are free to participate. We are also one week from Starbase 332, thank you" then the speakers went silent, now he was wishing he had accepted the offer of transport on a Starfleet vessel, but his pride and stubbornness got the better of his judgement.

He could hear his old Vulcan instructor say "stubbornness is good, but only when it is warranted and at the right time" he sighed heavily and finished his breakfast and took a stroll in the ship's arboretum.

One week later...

- Starbase 332 -

Word came down that they were about to dock with Starbase 332, Sharpe was glad that he had not had another nightmare, while they were annoying he was thankful that they did not happen often. He had his stuff ready, he was glad he had time to mourn his aunt and Uncle as they were second parents to him after he died when he was young. He felt the ship dock with the Starbase and the screens said to head to the docking port to disembark from the ship. He had three bags with him, two kitbags and an old-fashioned trolley suitcase, it was quite large, he looked at his Padd and looked at where he was to be billeted, then he noticed something strange, while there were plenty of officers wearing operations colours there were more wearing blue, he shrugged as he knew that he would find what they were in due course, now all he wanted to do was locate his billet to drop off his stuff before reporting to his department head.

But this was not to be as he was trying to navigate the starbase he bumped into a dark-blue shirted Lieutenant and came up short "hello there Lieutenant, you might be someone who can help me, I am new here and while this Starbase may look the same on the outside as Earth's Starbase inside is a totally different layout, also I was wondering if you knew where to find my department head?"

Marc had been keeping an eye on a few shops in the vicinity when he was approached. He took a look at the officer in front of him, but it was not someone he recognized. That was to be expected given the number of officers and crew on the station, and he couldn't be expected to know all of them, especially those in gold shirts. But his job was to protect and serve, so he would help as well as he could. "I can certainly try. What department are you with, Lieutenant?"

Looking at him with a raised eyebrow "I am the new security officer Lieutenant Paul Sharpe, I think I am expected, who are all the dark blue shirts?" Sharpe asked, he had no idea these were the stations security officers, as far as he knew all Starbases and ships security officers wore the same colours as Operations, something told him that things were different on this Starbase.

"These dark blue shirts are your fellow security officers," Madigan replied with a smile. He extended a hand towards Sharpe. "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. I'm Lieutenant Marc Madigan, section chief for the Promenade decks. It turns out that you're going to be reporting to me." He gestures down the corridor, through the wide hall lined with shops on either side, with gardens separating the centre, it was more like a boulevard. Madigan started walking in the direction he indicated. "You'll get used to the blue shirts. It was a bit of a change at first, but Starfleet thought it was best to put their station security staff in different uniforms. It's for the civilian's benefit more than anything else. Too often maintenance technicians were approached, and often ill-equipped to help the situation."

Holding out his hand to take the handshake and he shook it vigorously "I see, totally different from a ship" Sharpe said falling into step with Madigan "I do not know if there is any difference in Security as I do not know what the departments in Security are here, I know they exist but I am down as a standard Security Officer *pause* apart from the shirt colour what are the differences with Security here?" Sharpe asked.

"There's actually a pretty big difference. On a ship, your job is going to consist mostly of escorting visitors, breaking up some fights between crewmembers, and going on away teams. It's usually your job to protect something, either the ship or other people on the ship. Here, we're the police force of the station. We're here to protect and serve. That means we'll be spending a lot more time with civilians. We'll be patrolling different areas of the station, investigating crimes, and just being around to help other residents of the station and keep them safe. It's a fine line, but an important one." Marc gestured around to the shops and the hundreds of people walking around the area. "It's about keeping our little portion of the galaxy just as idyllic as it is right now. Maybe even better."

Looking at Madigan from the side "Indeed, I think I will have to adjust me quickly or fall behind, I noticed a lot of Marines here, how are the units set and out who is commanding them not the MCO, is there even an MCO? I assume there are Companies in the marines based here? how much interaction does Station security have with the marines?" Sharpe asked "apologies for asking so many questions, so far I am a bit overwhelmed with what I have seen so far" Sharpe added.

Madigan shrugged as he walked. "I'll be honest with you, I don't know the deal with the marines. There's a lot of them, and they mostly do their own thing. I think they might be between commanding officers at the moment. All I concern myself with is the Promenade. As long as the marines aren't causing a problem on my beat, then they're out of sight, out of mind. But that's just me. If you want to know more about the Marines, you might have to go talk to them." He smirked and gave Sharpe a glance. "I hope you don't hate the uniforms so bad you want to change jobs?" he asked, sarcastically.

Shrugging "Nope I got me a girlfriend who is a Marine Major, we have known each other since we were kids, she was promoted from the ranks you know! Her father is an Ex-Marine and an ambassador to the Klingon Empire, one of many ambassadors I believe, has there been any Marine newly posted here with unusually Red hair by any chance?" Sharpe asked, knowing the answer but wanting to see if the Copper knew, he himself took the time to study the Starbase Roster, so he planned to surprise her with his arrival.

Marc thought about it for a moment, then shook his head. "I'm afraid I don't know her. My wife might know her. She's in the airwing and flies one of the transports. She chauffeurs the marines sometimes. But I don't really spend much time around the marines unless they're in the Promenade section."

Sharpe smiled at the mention of marines and promenade, Marines were known to be party animals, especially when they got going, "So, Officer Madigan, you have a first name and may I call you by it? As we are of the same rank?" Sharpe asked "as for the marine in question, she would have come here probably either by a Klingon B'Rel class or a standard transport ship, but she came aboard on a transport ship, just as well I checked the starbase roster, she is going to be so surprised to see me" he said with a little excitement then mumbled "if she does not whup me upside the head first" he looks at Madigan "could you show me where I will be billeted please?" he asked.

Marc shrugged. "We are of the same rank, but I'm going to be your section chief. That means you'll be reporting to me. I'm not really a fan of being too formal, so if it's just us I don't have a problem with it. But if we're around subordinates, we should probably stick to the protocol to maintain some sense of order." He gestured towards a turbo lift and allowed Sharpe to enter first. "Deck Thirteen." The turbo lift reacted to his command as Madigan continued. "I don't know where you'll be staying, but when we get up to the headquarters, we'll have the department yeoman get you sorted out. As for your lady friend, I know some nice places you might want to check out for a date night."

Looking at Madigan and in a Vulcan-like manner "Have no fear Lieutenant, when on duty I will afford you the respect your position affords you, especially in front of subordinates" Sharpe answered and entered into the turbo lift, Madigan behind him. Looking at him "What places do you recommend for two Star-crossed lovers Marc?" Sharpe asked reverting to the human norm or speaking.

"It depends on what you're in the mood for. I know a pretty nice Italian place. There's a great Tellarite barbecue on Deck 632 that you have to try. If you like hasperat, there's a Bajoran place on Deck 597. Just let me know the mood you're going for, and I can give you a location."

Looking a little sheepishly "Alex likes Klingon food, but also likes Retro Human food establishments, like Hamburger Joints and Pizza Parlours and that is the extent of her romantic side where food is concerned, but I am looking for a human restaurant that serves regular human food that has a romantic setting, does such a place exist?" Sharpe asked as the lift took the pair up to the quarters where Sharpe was to be billeted.

"If you can dream it up, there's a place for it on the station," Marc replied, gesturing around him. "There are one hundred decks that are considered part of the "Promenade" section of the station, with hundreds and hundreds of shops selling anything and everything. And that doesn't count the hundreds of places not in the Promenade section."

Looking at Marc dubiously "I always knew a Stardock class was huge, also I know that this is the same size as Starbase one in Sol, but damn, there are more establishments here than there, we will have to have us a look at it. How much further to my quarters?" Sharpe asked.

"Beats me," Madigan replied. "But I know we should be getting to the security offices any..." As he drew out his last word, the turbolift slowed to a stop. "Second." The doors slid open to reveal the entrance to the station's security headquarters. Madigan led the way into to the reception desk, which was manned by the department's administrative assistant. "Yeoman, this is Lieutenant Paul Sharpe. He's new to the station and will be reporting to me. Can you get him set up with all of the necessary paperwork and help him find his quarters?"

"Of course, sir," the yeoman replied.

"'Preciate it." He turned to Sharpe. "I'm going to leave you here for now, Lieutenant. But when you get settled in and ready for your first shift, I plan to show you around your beat. I'll leave you to getting settled in."

Nodding "Thank you Marc, I will get me settled in and sorted out, perhaps I will even see Alex again" Sharpe said.

"Sounds like a plan," Marc replied with a smile. He turned towards the door to return to his beat, but turned to look back over his shoulder. "You kids have fun." With that, he was back on his way.

With that Sharpe was alone with the Yeoman who would take him to his quarters from here as Madigan was still technically on duty.

Lieutenant Paul Sharpe [P: Somers]
Security Officer
Starbase 332

Lieutenant Marc Madigan [P: Von]
Security Section Head
Starbase 332


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