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We'll Meet Again

Posted on Wed Nov 29th, 2017 @ 7:59am by Major Alexandria Somers & Captain Jeff Smith & 1st Lieutenant Jasmine Allen & Lieutenant Paul Sharpe

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Starbase 332
Timeline: Current

OOC: the tune for most of this one until Smith and Allen are introduced to Sharpe is:

Paul having since settled into his new quarters, was now wearing a blue undershirt and strolling the promenade trying to get the lay of the land, his wandering took him past the arrival and departures, he stopped and looked at all the marines getting off the shuttles, they all looked grimy as if they had just returned from an exercise in the planet below, he was wondering what made him stop and watch, then he saw it a familiar red-headed marine talking to two others a male and female, what seemed to be her Company bidding each other farewells as they seperated, then his eyes met hers, she stopped dead a surprised look on her face, her companions walked on a little until they realized their boss was not with them, they stopped looked at Alex then in the direction of where she was looking, they saw a Security Lieutenant staring back,

"Alexandria!" Sharpe quietly said to himself, he was aware that she could lip-read to some extent.

"Alex?" Marine Captain Jeff Smith said with a Scottish brogue accent.

"Hey Boss who is the hunk?" First Lieutenant Jasmine Allen asked in her Earth cockney accent, looking at the Security Officer with admiration.

"He is my world!" was all she Somers said, then like a starship going to warp she headed straight for Paul.

(Cue: the first part of REO Speedwagon's "I can't fight this feeling anymore")

A few moments earlier.....

Alex was disembarking with the rest of the marines and she was talking with them, as they all entered the arrival's lounge her Company split up, all were going back to their quarters to freshen up, the only ones remaining with her was Marine Captain Jeff Smith and First Lieutenant Jasmine Allen, they were having a laugh and joke among themselves when suddenly they found themselves walking without Alex and talking. Such was her sudden stop, they looked at her as they walked back to her, she was looking straight ahead of her and mouth agape, but a joyful smile forming on her visage.

oO Wow, she can actually do a genuinely happy smile Oo Smith thought to himself and then like Allen looked in the direction Somers was looking.


(cue: REO Speedwagon "I can't fight this feeling anymore" Chorus and remaining song)

As both Paul and Alex's eyes met, Alex dropped her gear as Sharpe walked towards her, then she shot at him at warp speed, he held his arms out and she flew into them, Paul grabbed her she was facing him in a sitting position as he was holding her up. Alex had Sharpe head in her hands and she was giving him a long overdue kiss. Both were oblivious to everything around them after a short spell Ale broke the loving kiss and was now standing on her own looking into the eyes of her beloved and he into hers and they kissed again. Both had not seen each other in ages and both knew there would be a lot of catching up to do, but for the moment they had now, they were still hugging with Alex's head on Sharpe's shoulder and whispering in his ear "wait till later!" she ominously said and both were brought back to the hear and know as one of her companions spoke up after clearing their throat.

*clears throat* "Wow that was some hello there Major!" Allen spoke up.

The look on their faces as they realised they were not alone, Alex blushed the colour of her hair, Sharpe also blushed to a lesser extent "Um...!" Alex was speechless, but Sharpe not missing a beat "care to introduce me!" then with some surprise Alex got control of herself.

"This is Marine Captain Jeffery Smith, my Companies First Officer" she said pointing to Smith, then to Allen "this is First Lieutenant Jasmine Allen one of my Squad leaders, as you can tell from the state of us we have just finished a SERE exercise, so we all need a shower" she paused and looked at her two companions "Jeff, Jas this is my boyfriend Lieutenant Paul Sharpe, one of the new Security Officers here" Somers finished.

Sharpe shook their hands, he noted Allen eyeing him up and down, now he knew how prey felt when a hunter was eyeing them up, luckily Alex seemed to pick up on his distress and looked at Allen as she caught the woman's eye and gave her 'Leave him alone, he's mine look' this had the effect she desired.

"Tell you what Paul let me go freshen up make my report and get things settled and perhaps we will meet up later for a drink?!" Somers said.

"Great, I will see you then, call when ready" Sharpe responded as Alex gave him a quick kiss and was off, her cohorts following her, Sharpe could hear Allen quizzing Alex on him, he sighed "should have stayed with ship-based security" with that he continued walking the station to get his bearings for when he had to report for duty.


Major Alexandria L Somers
Company Commander
G company 'Omega' 14th Marine Btn

Lieutenant Paul Sharpe [P: Somers]
Security Officer

Marine Captain Jeffery Smith [P: Somers]
First Officer
G company 'Omega' 14th Marine Btn

First Lieutenant Jasmine Allen [P: Somers]
Squad Leader
G company 'Omega' 14th Marine Btn


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