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Security Briefing

Posted on Fri Feb 22nd, 2019 @ 7:04am by Lieutenant Paul Sharpe & Lieutenant Marc Madigan

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: Security Office/Various
Timeline: Current


Lieutenant Madigan settled into the chair at the end of the briefing table, with his lieutenants already getting settled in. The daily briefings were not his favourite time of the day, but it was a necessary evil. If they were going to keep the commercial districts safe, they had to compile their resources and come up with a plan. And naturally, that plan often changed by the day.

"All right, folks. I know you don't want to be here, and neither do I. So let's get this over with and get back out there." Madigan always had an interesting way of starting his briefings. "The shelters have been released, and that means that the streets are filled to the brim. So I'm sure there's something going on out there. So let's hear what we've got so far." Marc turned to his right to the first officer next to him. "Sharpe, what've you got so far?"

After the Storm had passed the usually raised emotions came to the surface, Sharpe entered the Security Office with the latest reports of unrest on the security Padd he was holding, he was looking through them when he walked into the room, he looked up and saw Madigan.

"Ah Lieutenant, good you are here do not have to go looking for you a report has just come in about a host of different riots popping up all over the station *looks back down at the Padd as he speaks* It would seem there is a Klingon group getting irate as their favourite Klingon Cafe is still closed in the wake of the storm damage, that is on Promenade level one" he paused.

Marc nodded along. "So, business as usual there. I know the group you're talking about. They're never happy. What else you got?"

Sharpe nodded and then continued "There is a mix of another type of riots all quite peaceful for the most part, but the Klingon's it would seem and as I said heatedly on level one, the Civvies seem to have heard rumours of an assault plus the storm, it is a mess." *he finishes and looks up handing the Padd to Madigan*

The section chief gave his officer a puzzled look. "Rumors of an assault? That's not much to go on. Did no one file a report?"

"No, just that, I thought it was strange too, no report filed per se" Sharpe responded.

"Hmm, that's certainly odd. Alright, see if you can find more information."

He nods "I have called in all Security personnel off their days off to assist and also the Marine units have been put on alert, should we really need them. The others will be here soon so I figured I brief you on what I know as I have been here early" *pause* "Some more computer Security systems had some minor issues, but I have fixed them, they were patch jobs and bypasses, but I have notified Engineering to come and do a proper job, but for now they will hold" Sharpe finished.

Madigan nodded. "Good. Make sure engineering gets it fixed right this time. I can't keep sparing manpower to make our own repairs. I need my officers out on patrol. Anything else?"

Looking at the Padd "nothing that currently comes up, oh update on that assault rumour, it was false, it seems someone not realising what happens between two Klingon's thought they were assaulting each other, when it was just a play fight of sorts. All other unrest has been quelled, but there is plenty of issues all over the station, even with all security personnel we are going to be hard-pressed to cover all, we may have to call in the Marines no pun intended, and give them a set of rules they would need to follow, but what their presence will do is as of yet unclear, the green-shirts could calm things down just be showing up or they could inflame matters, wish I knew which one" Sharpe said.

"Even if I could make that call, I'm not ready to call in the marines just yet," Madigan replied. "Armed soldiers patrolling the promenade can send the wrong image. And I know some of those marines. They'll never let us live it down if they have to step in an help police. I appreciate the suggestion, Lieutenant, but I think we can handle things right now."

"I am not saying that lieutenant, I have just indicated that they are on standby, as a Security Officer, I have to prepare for all eventualities, better to have them on alert and to jump in at a moments notice and not use them than not have them on alert and need them, also perhaps we could use the caution of deploying marines to keep the peace, we do not actually deploy them, just say we would, hopefully this will be a deterrent to keep things quiet, think of it as bluffing and pray they do not call our bluff" Sharpe said offering a tactic to use.

Marc studied Sharpe for a moment. He knew Paul was in a relationship with a marine officer who had until recently been a part of the station's crew. Maybe it was stubbornness. Maybe it was a little interdepartmental rivalry. But he still didn't like the idea of marines running around when he felt that his officers could do the job. He didn't even like the idea of threatening to use them. If that was what Captain Von decided to do, he'd follow his orders. But he wasn't quite ready to suggest it to his boss. "Your suggestion is noted, Lieutenant. Thank you." Madigan turned towards the next officer on his staff. "Alright, you're up next. What have you got for me?"

Sharpe simply nodded oO I can understand his reasons but experience has taught me to prepare for many things, but I hope he is correct, I really do Oo Sharpe thought to himself.


Lieutenant Paul Sharpe
Security Officer
Starbase 332

Lieutenant Marc Madigan [P: Von]
Security Section Chief
Starbase 332


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