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Prom Panic

Posted on Sun Jul 12th, 2015 @ 9:14pm by Ensign Corrine Steiner & Enlisted Cadet Jasmine [P: Steiner] & Colonel S'er'in'e & Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: Blooming Friendships
Location: Warp-12


After relentlessly fussing Corrine into an evening gown, Jasmine proceeded to push her towards the door. The anxious human resisted with cold feet, "Jazz, I'm not sure I want to do this!"

"Yes you are. This is only natural panic for someone who's never dated before."

"How would you know? You're not a telepath!"

The Shokirian momentarily presented her smart phone over Corrie's shoulder. "The same way smart phone owners have for three hundred years. Your heart rate and brain activity betray classic panic."

"That is so cheating and invasive!"

"And your point?"

The larger female forced a stop, and her tone sank. "Look. I really don't want to do this."

Jasmine slowly walked around to face Corrine closely. "No, you just constantly talk about him, ask about him, wonder about him, worry about him! Face it, Corrie! You have the social development of a thirteen year old."

She turned back, "Good, then. I'm too young to date."

The small girl ran around her and resumed pushing, "Nooo! You're long overdue. Stop fretting! You're not marching up the wedding aisle, you're going on a 'getting to know you date'."

Persisting with her protests down the corridor, Corrine insisted, "I haven't had enough time to research Caitian culture!"

"Says she who tells me that intern practicum is the best teacher. What are you worried about? You're not dating a Klingon. He's not going to throw you down and ravage you as an appetizer." Her mischievous nature prevailed, "...I think."

"NOT funny!"

Upon arrival at Warp-12 Lounge, Jasmine gave one last encouraging push and then folded her arms. "Don't make me have security use a containment field on you!"

Corrie caught sight of Capt. S'er'in'e sitting at a corner table. "I'm late again! How did that happen?"

"I told him you'd be here earlier than I told you that he'd be here." Jazz proceeded to recruit Samanthia into social detainment duty. Hostesses could be the most cordial persuaders.

Corrie shook her head and whispered, "Oh, you brat!" Mustering courage and assembling dignified composure, she made her way toward the table. SOMEbody had furnished it with dinner china and two candles.

S'er'in'e sat patiently waiting for the time being his companion was the muscular discomfort of recovery from the mission that had turned horribly wrong. For a while now he began to wonder if his actions though genuinly innocent has caused discomfort and unease for young Corrine. Interacting with Caitian females followed a guideline and while the same could be said for many cultures, putting that knowledge into actual practice was far harder.

He hoped to clear the air, he'd noticed the blush from earlier, how she smiled, caught her looking at him. Hoping the setting was not too much and once again dressed as the previous encounter, he hoped it was not too much.

Corrine arrived at the table, too nervous to maintain anything more than fleeting eye contacts. "Captain, I'm sorry for being late. I... was delayed."

Seeing Corrine arrive S'er'in'e rose from his chair, gave the required respectful bow afforded to females and then spoke. "Please, call me S'er'in'e." He gestured for her to sit as he rounded the table and pulled out her chair for her. Something he read up on actually in case the need ever arose.

She took her seat, "I must confess. I'm a little nervous." She closed her eyes, "Okay, I'm really nervous!"

"I apologise. It is my fault you are such. I feel that my actions though innocent have put you in a position of discomfort. Especially after the encounter with the Klingon." S'er'in'e really felt bad about that, to cause embarrassment even if just by his presence was cause for his need to make amends. He answered as he took his own seat. "I was surprised you came because of everything I have inadvertently put you through."

Corrie lowered her head, held up her hand, and spoke with a gentle voice, "Stop. This has nothing to do with your side of things." She looked up again, "My problem is hearing echoes of past betrayal. Once burned, twice shy." She studied him, able to calm. "How are your injuries healing?"

"The physical injuries are healed. I should be back to normal in a few days I am informed." He answered. Her statement about her past explained much but he'd store that away for later though. "If I may be permitted, you look very....." He paused and could be seen to trying to find the right word "Beautiful." Hoping it was suitable.

A splash of emotions struck the woman. For someone accustomed to being labeled unkempt, his compliment came as a surprise. Self conscious doubts raised their ugly heads. Finally though, she wondered if perhaps his words were born of formal kindness. A smile flickered, "I'll have to pass that compliment along to my little pest matchmaker. She's responsible for this." She made eye contact, "I hope that Jasmine isn't overstepping respectful bounds, with you."

"Not at all." S'er'in'e answered. "I feel that you have questions, about me, my ways." Corrine would not be the first or the last to have questions. He was expecting them and felt if perhaps these were answered it might....he hoped, put her at more ease. "You may ask of me anything and I will answer as best I am able."

Pent up emotional exhaustion came out, causing her to slump. She rested her elbows on the table and her head in her hands. She rubbed her forehead with her fingertips, then sat back again. "I'm not Vulcan. I can't analytically dissect my own emotions." She sighed, studying his eyes, "Time will answer my questions. My problem is fear." She settled, still and quiet, "I'm afraid of misunderstandings. I'm afraid of making mistakes." She picked up her water glass and swirled it pensively, "I think I've found a friend in you... a good one. All my life, as soon as I made a friend, I had run away to protect them."

"I doubt you would get far, I could easily catch you." If only her other female companion was here to hear that. "Mistakes are natural, to be cautious is understandable, to be brave against the currents against you is what makes ones worth treasuring." S'er'in'e responded. "If it makes you feel better I too have fears and doubts regarding females, considering what I am and what i am capable of....."

Corrine's eyes glazed over, staring off. It was almost as if she hadn't heard him. Date jitters faded away, giving way to life fears. She made solid eye contact, "Getting caught is the problem. Fleet black ops has designs upon me. And quite honestly, if they learn you become my friend, they'll order, manipulate, or pressure you to get at me."

He could see that her doubts and worries were getting to her, he needed to change the subject. "Do not worry for me. I am not easily swayed." He lifted up a cloth next to him and offered her a data padd. "This is information about the flowers on my Homeworld I have highlighted those you have should you wish them again. It offered full grown, cuts or seedlings should you desire arranged in what ever design you wish for." He held it to her, his claws away, ever mindful.

Corrine smiled, feeling relief and gratitude for the chivalrous gesture. "Thank you!" She downloaded the data to her ornate wrist bracelet. She then picked up her glass, tipped her head, and toasted with a smile, "A new lease on life. Shall we order?"

Trill female features with long brown hair which she keeps in a ponytail. Her brown eyes could pass for a sandy color. Very neat in appearance, wearing the typical warp-12 waitress uniform. She approached the Caitian Marine Captain and Corrine, whom Jasmine had talked about a lot. "Greetings, Hope you are both enjoying the hospitality of Warp-12. Are you both ready to order?" She asked in a nice tone.

Corrine smiled at her, "I suddenly feel famished! And, I'm in the mood for a pleasant surprise. How about the chef's choice for this evening?" She hastily added, "And some kind of champagne would be nice. Nothing with too strong of a kick?"

Trill female returned the smile as she made note of Corine's order and turning to the Caitian Captain, "What would you like, sir?" In the same tone of politeness.

"Caitian dish selection 12 if you please." The fish was the easiest to eat without the use of claws, cutlery was unwieldy at the best of times but in light of the occasion effort would have to be made. "Could I also if I may get a dish of warm water and cloth please?"

Trill female nodded as she took notes. "Certainly sir. Anything else? Refills on drinks?" Looking at the both of them.

Corrine shook her head with a warm smile. She suddenly realized why she felt happy and relaxed, although she dare not voice what might be taken as racist. No Ferengi were around.

"Maze water please." Maze water was a fluid with the consistency of a syrup, it made consumption easier for the feline species without the mess but preserving dignity to the occasion.

The Trill Female took off with their orders. Shortly Maze water was delivered to the table by another.

For reason unknown, Corrie's apprehensions faded. She was able to keep her eyes from turning away from his.

"Is everything alright?" S'er'in'e noticed a change in her but what he could not tell. Was it about his choice in beverage? "Alcohol does not suit me, from experience, but please don't let that dissuade you from enjoying the drink yourself."

"The drinks are fine." Corrie broke into a big smile, "Things will never be alright, but somehow I'll be okay in it. So, that makes things alright." She broke into laughter, "That probably made no sense!"

"Live life for the now and enjoy the moment as it presents." S'er'in'e replied. He wondered what the rumour mill was already churning out about the current scene, only time would tell if it twer good or bad.

His words struck a deep chord, and her eyes stared off in a lost gaze. "I wish I could live only in the present." She sighed, collecting her wits to hide her meaning, "I guess that someone in my role has little choice but to consider the future."

S'er'in'e was not sure how to respond to that, already feeling out of his depth and having to depend on the things time had showed him and those he learned himself. He remained silent though an uneasy one at that but resigned himself that to say nothing was the safer course than to speak and do so wrongly.

Genuine curiosity compelled Corrine to change the subject. "Tell me, do Caitiani dance?" She was surprised by her question, didn't know where it came from.

"We do though perhaps not as Humans would consider it dancing." S'er'in'e replied. "By tradition a male is forbidden to touch a female unless the situation is excuses it or if given permission. Were two of my kind to dance it would be a fluid sensual dance of movements. If in our case for example where one partner is smaller then I would carry you unless you wished to move by your own dancing style." He'd not danced since graduation, a memory barely remembered today.

Her eyes lowered contemplatively, and she nodded to herself, "I'll have to study the styles."

Shift Manager of Warp-12 caught a familiar sight out of the corner of her eye. Junior Ops personnel entered Warp-12 and searched out Ens. Steiner's table. Upon spotting her, they hesitantly approached. Guilt was written all over their faces as they braced themselves to present preemptive apologies. Personal approach instead of a communicator call usually heralded cowardly pleas for help.

S'er'in'e smiled. Caitian style was not easy especially for those without tails or the ability to flex and twist in ways only felines could. He wondered what to talk about, this was very new for him in a social setting, marine dinner gatherings were easy as most opted to talk about work and deployments, service histories and such. Here however was a different setting, one he'd yet to experience until now.

Trill waitress showed up with S'er'in'e's and Steiner's order. She glared at the Ensigns that showed up, spoke softly with authority, "Excuse me! There are rules about disturbing Patrons of Warp-12. Go see the Bartender to send a waitress to relay a message." Glared at the group of Ensigns as she muscled her way between the group of Ensigns and those sitting at the table. "Or do I need to call security?" She laid out the orders in front of S'er'in'e and Steiner, placing the water bowl near Steiner a long with the little drying hand towel.

Corrie turned to look. At seeing the mournful stares, her eyes squinted and teeth gritted. She muttered more to herself, "Okay, who screwed up?" She thought about getting up to meet them, but Trill waitress interception looked like an interesting test. If they didn't play the official business card, then it probably wasn't any serious matter.

One of the ensigns quietly pleaded with Trill Watiress, figurative hat in hand. "Ma'am, we're very sorry to disturb. But we really could use Ensign Steiner's help. It'll only take a few moments."

"No, you can wait at the bar and send a message to Ensign Steiner." She made a hand motion and two big guys showed up. "Please escort these gentleman to the bar. They're disturbing this couple here."

The Bouncers gently using enough force to move them away from the table. Several more Bouncers showed up discretely to out number the Ensigns who wanted time with Ensign Steiner.

Trill Waitress turned back to the Marine Captain and Steiner, "I do apologize for the establishment that you folks had to see that. But some Fleeters think they can just ignore what they like to ignore and expect others to follow their orders."

Guilt began building up in Corrine. "I... I should ask what's wrong." She started to get up, then sat back down again. "No... no, no. It'll make them all the more likely to do it again next time." She pushed her seat back up to the table, "If it's a real emergency, they can sound sirens and flash lights." She smiled, "I must remember to tip Samanthia well!"

Trill waitress smiled and took off once the situation was dealt with and their order was on the table for them to sort out. "Enjoy your time here," As she departed.


Marine Captain S'er'in'e
Trill Waitress [Samanthia Akiashiro]
Ens. Corrine Steiner
Cadet Jasmine

Starbase 332
Pegasus Fleet


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