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I won't lose a friend!

Posted on Mon Jul 20th, 2015 @ 11:25pm by Ensign Corrine Steiner & Enlisted Cadet Jasmine [P: Steiner] & Colonel S'er'in'e

Mission: Blooming Friendships
Location: Quarters, SB 332
Timeline: Evening


No sooner had S'er'in'e found a moment where he could rest, someone made quick presses to his doorbell.

S'er'in'e had just sat down to a sizeable meal, it had been a longand trying day, difficult choices made, its effects to be felt for some time. When his door bell chined he was mid cut on a very large and succulent fish. Grabbing a cloth he wiped his claws what upto that moment were used to eat with. He stood and walked to the door which opened to teveal his friend, Corrine Steiner. He smiled, bowed as customary and spoke. "Ma'am. Is everything alright?" Seeing the haste in her eyes.

Corrine Steiner stood there looking up at him with anxious eyes, "Serine! Are you all right? What happened? They said you left the marine unit!"

S'er'in'e ignored the mispronunciation of his name, females were after all given more latitude for such things. He stepped aside. "Please." Inviting her in. The room was well decorated but hangings blanked out most of the room and doorways to other rooms. Private as he was Starfleet had encouraged some flexibility when it came to privacy. "Something to drink? Eat?" He offered as he made his way to the replicator. He was not avoiding her questions, just getting to them.

Still a bit in shock, she couldn't give a reply.

"I am well please do not worry." He began. "It is true that I have resigned my commission." There was no emotion behind that comment. He was sad and happy, but both cancelled each other out leaving just a plain statement. "I felt that I had given much to Starfleet at the expense of myself, I wished to change that." He finished, his eyes not wavering from her.

His tone was neutral. Not a good sign, not for him. Her eyes closed slowly. "I am so sorry! It's none of my business, but..." She needed closer eye contact, "I haven't had many friends in my life. You're one of the few, and you've done much to help me!" She stepped back, taking a calming breath. "Now it's my turn. What can I do to help you? As long as you're at my starbase, you'll have all the support that I can give." Tears misted her eyes, "I don't want to lose you!"

S'er'in'e understood. "You forget that you helped me first, the new bed is more suitible than the previous one." He paused seeing her eyes tear up. "You are my friend Corrine, that will not change just because I step out of a uniform. I am still the same individual as I was before only now I am simply S'er'in'e and not Sir or Captain." He offered her a seat in the large sofa.

She nodded with mild grimace, "Thank you. I need to sit down!" She plopped down on the seat. She placed her hand over her pounding heart and slowly shook her head, "Jaz was right. I've got the social maturity of a thirteen year old." She looked to the Caitian, "I'm still going to help you, if I can. I mean it. If Fleet can't provide, then I have other connections."

S'er'in'e smiled but could see her worry and panic. "Your friend, as encouragable as she may be, was not the one at the table with me before. You were." He answered trying to bolster her confidence in herself. He was not sure if these words were working though, inexperience and like Corrine, socially was a challenge. "You're not losing a friend." He said next to her when his tail coiled about his waist like usual.

"If I may ask, what do you plan to do now? If you don't wish to say, then tell me to butt out."

"As yet I am not sure." S'er'in'e explained the application he put in with Samanthia at her suggestion but that so far was all. "I will continue to look for a time on the station but if nothing after that time then I'll return to the Homeworld." He smiled though obvious he was trying to hide his fangs lest he scare or frighten.

Corrine noticed and shook her head with peaceful expression. Her voice was quiet, "Don't hide like that. I said a long time ago that you're a beautiful creature, and I mean it. You don't frighten me." She then burst out in a moment of self realizing laughter, "I scare me."

S'er'in'e lightly laughed and doing so his large fangs, white and sharp came in to view. The two upper fangs were larger than the bottom two. "I am sure many scare themselves at some point. In the mornings I understand is common with Humans."

She groaned, "Don't remind me!" A sigh followed, "Fortunately, twenty fourth century technology minimizes that problem to about sixty seconds!" She made eye contact, hesitant to speak her thoughts. "May I ask you a question?"

"Of course." He replied, his attention obvious from the turn of his ears toeards her.

Corrine tipped her head, eyes studying his fur as her thoughts seemed to drift. "Caitain fur is so perfect. Those of you who have long manes, seems every hair is in place. Does..." She made a brief pull at her own hair, "Mine isn't like that at all. It must seem like a very unpleasant mess." She added with a smile, "And sometimes it is pure chaos, I confess! But... the loose curls and wavy styles... how does that look to Caitian? I can do something about this if it's unpleasant."

"Each person is unique, I am no expert of the fashion of hair on females, if you wish though." He stood up and disappeared between the hangings. Moments later he emerged with two bottles. "Try these, apply this to wet hair and leave for a few minutes and wash out. Then this afterwards." Caitians had very fine fur and cleaned it often so when it came to articles to keep it such they knew it would preform as needed. "It might smell strange to you, but it will help your hair take a more manageable position."

She took the bottles with a flushed, flickering smile, "Thank you." Unable to lose her grin, she announced, "I'm going to go try it now!"

S'er'in'e smiled pleased that hed managed to turn the mood from a somber one to a more pleasant one. The haste at which she departed surprised him but since departing he smiled again and returned to his meal. Unsure if she would return or visit the following day he would however wait regardless.

Swift departure eventually turned into a flat out run. Racing down the corridors, she tapped her combadge, "Steiner to Jasmine... I need your help, my quarters?"

"Trouble or fun?"


Upon arriving, the Shokirian studied her with folded arms, "And what have we here?"

"You were right about the hay stack. Serine gave me these so my hair will be more Caitiani civilized!"

Jasmine dropped her head forward in a wide eyed stare of disbelief, "You're kidding me! The whole quadrant has been trying to help you pass 'Hairbrush 101', and now you're ready to accept the whole treatment?"

"Well... whenever I'm going to be around him or other Caitiani, yes! Will you help?"

Jasmine smiled and stepped forward to take the bottles, "Of course, I will."

As Corrie sat down, she exclaimed, "I just don't want to be xeno-nauseating to other species. Klingons do that with their snaggle teeth. You'd think that an advanced interstellar species like that could figure out the concept of an orthodontist!"

Even as Jasmine began washing Corrie's hair, the 'patient' became apprehensive. "What's wrong?"

"I'm not going to end up with a giant twentieth century bouffant or bee hive, am I?"

Jasmine laughed. "No, I think we can cross weave general Caitani form with straight flow. We could ask sickbay to knock you out, if you can't take the suspense?"

"Not funny." She sighed, "Okay, let's do this."

"We're also going to play the makeup game, make your face appear more catlike."

At a methodical pace, Jasmine spent the next hour testing, recombing, and setting. When they were done, she faced Corrie towards the big vanity mirror and gave her a hand mirror, "Well?"

Corrie rapidly changed head positions, "It's new, but it fits!"

"Are you okay with the aroma? I don't know if it's a problem for humans."

"Nah, it's okay. Not problem."

"And now..."

Corrie felt a little worried, "What do you mean, 'and now'?"

"My friend, your clothing needs the same elegance as your hair. Annnd, I just happen to have an outfit all ready for you."

"You sneak!"

Jasmine happily nodded. After playing dress up, she gestured in grand theatrical fashion, "And now, the test!"

"You are coming with me." She received a dreamy smile and shake of the head. "Come on, Jaz, I've already overdosed on adrenaline for too long, today!"

"Nope. Shoo! Time to mature, my human."

Corrine closed her eyes and sighed. She checked her wrist padd for any pressing messages from Ops. "Darn, no emergencies."

Jasmine opened the door, "Which means, no excuses. This way, m'lady?"

After one last look into the mirror, she gave a nod. The long walk to S'er'in's quarters didn't come without quite a few double takes from passersby. It wasn't that she looked odd. They just weren't sure that it really was Corrie. She eventually arrived, hoping that he had stepped out as she pressed his door chime.

S'er'in'e had by now finished eating and was now sittibg on the sofa reading while in the background music played. There was no words just the soft gentle sounds of the instruments playing. Now to be interuoted by the door chime. Closing his book he looked to the door knowing who it was from the corner of the room partially hidden by the shadows. "Come." He spoke allowing then the doors to open.

Corrine entered with a happy, yet apprehensive smile. She stopped inside, gestured up her hands slightly, and turned a circle for him to inspect. "Well, do we approve?"

S'er'in'e rose from the chair placing the book on its arm and walked to her, he could smell her hair, always seemed to smell different to that when he washed but blamed that on the difference of hair to fur but it was a pleasant difference. He looked at the arrangement and saw the difference her hair had now washed with what he gave her. He walked around her slowly taking in the arrangement even after her twirl. "Much better." He smiled. "If I may however?" Caitian males could not touch a female unless the offer to touch was made or permitted.


S'er'in'e adjusted her hair slightly to allow her frindge to sit more freely across her brow while at the same time adjusting the side ao it was behind her ear. He was exceedingly careful as each finger bore a claw that could cause her harm. Her hair now lined her face in a way he had witnessed female Caitians do with long manes.

When he was done, Corrine went to the open console. "Computer, reflect." At seeing the image, she nodded, "Indeed... better." She sighed gesturing questionly if they could sit. As they did, she stared off, "I should imagine, the way technology keeps advancing, that the day will come when we can step into a transporter and come out a genetically different species!" She smiled at him, "A more genuine shape shift."

"I have little doubt someone somewhere is already devising such a creation." He answered.

Corrie's brow frowned slightly, "I don't think I'd want to change my genetics, my brain morphology. I want to keep my identity."

"I am what I am, a predator and I can not change that. As to who I am......" He paused as if thinking. "Many people see what I am, the animal, the feline killer who could do harm in many ways to another. A beast once called." He paused again. "One can only be themselves. Let others judge as they wish but know you are right inside which is what counts most."

Corrine smiled, "Cats are a glorious combination of playfulness, purring, and ferocity. You can be as studious as a Vulcan, as savage as an Klingon, and as passionate as an Andorian."

"You have yet to hear me purr, how would you know?" S'er'in'e smiled though she was right about her other points.

Embarrassed, Corrie smiled as she looked at him roundly, "I don't know that Caitian do. My bad for not doing better xeno-research." She quietly shared, "I meant it figuratively. It doesn't matter if you do or not."

"We do. But dont tell anyone, I have to mind my reputation." He leaned to the side close enough that his whiskers danced over her shoulder and then as felines do. He purred for her, softly, a gentle rolling purr.

Corrine's eyes widened fully. The subsonic utterances rumbled through her. "Wow! That's..." Avoiding a blush wasn't a possibility. She tried to calm her heart rate, but she couldn't. It was too high. Beginning to perspire, she apologized through labored breathing, "I'm sorry. I'm in full overload, here."

He stopped and pulled away again smiling. "Now you know."

An almost hysterical exhale escaped, "Indeed I do!" Her hands shook. The next thought in her mind was, ~What now?~ Amidst the trembling, she requested, "As soon as you find out, please tell me what your future here will be?"

"As you wish." He answered with a smile.

She felt weak, "I need to rest. Too much." Unsteadily, she stood up and reached to grasp his hand with both of her hands. "Thank you."

"You are welcome." Standing with her. She seemed uneasy and wondered if by the blush he'd caused her a more intimate embarrassment. He felt she was preparing to leave but hoped she was alright.

Her genuine smile made it to the surface as she made her way out. Her wrist padd blinked a tiny warning light that her vital signs were too high. She overrode it in a whisper, "Oh, shut up."

The trip back to her quarters seemed endless. Jasmine had felt her stress and met her half way, "Come on, my friend."

Corrine tried to say something to her, but she simply pressed her finger to Corrie's lips, "No... no need." Back in their quarters, she led Corrie to her bed. "Sleep."

"I can't!"

The symbiont gently touched her fingers to Corrine's forehead, "Sleep."

Corrie's eyes closed, and she was out until morning.



Corrine Steiner

Starbase 332
Pegasus Fleet


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