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Guess Who?

Posted on Sun Aug 16th, 2015 @ 2:56pm by Ensign Corrine Steiner & Enlisted Cadet Jasmine [P: Steiner] & Colonel S'er'in'e
Edited on on Sun Aug 16th, 2015 @ 2:57pm

Mission: Blooming Friendships
Location: Promenade


S'er'in'e had managed to find his way back to areas he knew, promenade being one such a place. His mind was still buzzing about Samanthia but little could be done now.

As he walked and browsed the various shops he spotted perhaps his only other two friends on board, Corrine and Jazz. They appeared to be seated at a table talking, a smile formed on his face as did an idea. He neared the pair out of sight of Corrine and indicated to Jazz to not say anything. Once close enough he leant forward making sure to put his whiskers flush to his face so not to alert her to his presence. He softly then purred next to her ear. There would be no doubt who it was.

Corrine startled with a jolt of near panic. She quickly braced herself, fighting for composure. She momentarily placed her hand over her heart. "Serine! I mean... S'er'in'e. My adrenal glands are duly notified." She cleared her throat, gesturing to a chair at their table, "Please, do join us."

Jasmine wasn't her normally playful self. Her attention remained focused upon her host's abnormally intense reaction.

S'er'in'e smiled and wrapped his tail around his waist before sitting. "I hope you are both well?" He asked, noting that Jazz so far had remained silent.

Corrie settled her heart rate with a calming breath, "Oh, you know starbases. Never a dull moment. How goes life after marines?"

"Seeking employment remains a constant, I have the last of my things arriving from the Homeworld today which i am eager to place in my quarters." He looked at Jazz and then back at Corrine. "If I may ask, how has your morning fared?"

Jasmine offered, maintaining calm eye contact with her host, "Corrine's sleep disorder has been flaring up again. Your Caitiani flowers help greatly, but sometimes she still doesn't get a full night of quality sleep."

"Is there anything I can do to help?" S'er'in'e asked. "Different flowers. Perhaps?" Unsure as to what would be the best action to take to help his friend he at started with the obvious known to help option.

Corrine settled, considering her words. She wanted to ask for help without opening up any proverbial can of worms. "You've already helped so very much. I guess the only favor I could ask is, be prepared for dangerous times. We don't know what threats will befall this starbase in the near future."

"I shall endeavour to keep safe and alert." S'er'in'e remarked with a smile. "May I ask what you have in store for your day?" He asked them both.

Corrie sighed, "I get to enjoy a wonnnderful staff meeting!"

Jazz laughed, "And I'll be doing my usual job, following her around and trying to keep her out of trouble."

Ahh the days of staff meetings, long behind him now. "I am confident not every meeting is as boring as you make them seem?" S'er'in'e spoke as he looked around at the people passing by. "If I may, your hair looks much nicer now that you use what I suggested to you, I am glad it helped."

Corrie pointed to her petite pest, "You can thank the preen queen for that."

Jazz tag teamed her response, "I've really been hoping to get hold of some Klingons. I can't wait to try out a bouffont or bee hive."

Upon hearing that, Corrine coughed, spraying her drink.



Corrine Steiner

Starbase 332
Pegasus Fleet


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