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Merciless Dream

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2015 @ 11:58pm by Ensign Corrine Steiner & Enlisted Cadet Jasmine [P: Steiner]

Mission: Blooming Friendships
Location: Personal Quarters - SB332
Timeline: Deep of the Night


It shouldn't be possible on a starbase teeming with tens of thousands of people. Yet, Corrine felt isolated and alone at night. "It's going to be a bad one." she whispered to herself. Taking extra long inhales of her Caitiani blooms, she laid back on her bed.

"Computer, suppress bio-alarm monitoring." A beep confirmed the order. She efforted to remain calm and relaxed. Apprehension would inevitably attract her symbiotic sister, and Corrine didn't want her to fuss.

The clock said 9pm. She wasn't tired in the slightest, but she remained still and closed her eyes anyway.

Corrine reeled from an explosion of dream fragments. Strangers, completely unfamiliar surroundings, cold and hostile feeling...

First fragment: What looked like a techie handed a soldier a small power circuit along with a separate button box, "The signal passes through your com-channel. Keep your distance. It could detonate his grenades."

Next fragment: The back of a man's head, his combat armor, the power circuit.

Next fragment: A scarred face peering into a sniper scope, aiming at her.

Next fragment: Corrine and the man aiming at each other, "Go ahead and shoot, missy. I'll be hurt, but you'll die."

Next fragment: High shrill of a phaser on overload.

Corrine awakened in a startled jolt. She was drenched in perspiration. The clock now said 3am. Trembling violently, she activated her wrist console, "Computer... open dream-file, current time stamp." Before her waking mind lost its grip on memory of her dream, she dictated every detail that she could recall. At the end, she sat on the bed with eyes closed.

Here combadge beeped. "I'm okay, Jazz."



=/Need a shoulder?\=


=/You're frightened.\=

"I'll deal with it."

=/We're talking about this tomorrow.\=

"Fair enough."

The channel closed with a beep. Corrine fell back on her bed with a deep sigh. She whispered to herself, "No idea when... no idea where... no idea who."



Ens. Corrine Steiner
Cadet Jasmine

Starbase 332
Pegasus Fleet


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