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Inaugural Atomic Toast

Posted on Sun Oct 4th, 2015 @ 5:41pm by Pim & Enlisted Cadet Jasmine [P: Steiner] & Gavich [P: Steiner]

Mission: Blooming Friendships
Location: Atomic Punk, Starbase 332
Timeline: Soon after opening


The 'Atomic Punk' had an intriguing design to it there was a small dance floor in front of a DJ booth. The edge of the dance floor had simple aluminum alloy standing only tables. On the far wall were the booths aluminum table with black leather booth seats and finally the bar that was back lit with a soft yellow light. As for music it was mostly 'Deep House', 'Electro Swing' and 'Old-School House'.

Pim's first customers included a man who looked like he had been through wartime, and lots of it. Even in his most relaxed moments, his eyes remained ever vigilant of his surroundings. He walked in with another man who was also probably a soldier, although more nondescript in appearance.

Kaliyo was working the bar allowing Jage to deal with the wait staff especially when it was still fairly early in the evening. Pim on the other hand was in her usual get-up very worn black jeans, black leather boots and a black hoodie and a black tank under it. Her vantage point allowed her to keep an eye on the whole place, "What can I get you two?" Kaliyo asked pushing some of her pink hair out of her face.

The one merc flickered a smile, "I'll have a Pink Splash."

Gavich immediately, jolted him with a backhand to the shoulder, "He'll 'ave something which burns on the way down. I'll have a single shot o' sparsis oil."

Kaliyo just nodded as she opened a account for the two she knew the type well hell it was her type bad-ass enough to keep things interesting but busy enough to not have anything serious.

As the waitress set off to fill the order, awkward wonderment set in, "Gav, do they use money, here? Because I..."

The older merc snorted a laugh, flipping a latinum coin with his thumb onto the table, "You derf. Money or cashless, always drop a coin for the ladies."

He looked around, "What attracts you to a place like this? This isn't your style."

"Small place, I don't like crowds. Plus, it's got that doesn't belong here feelin' to it. It feels rather homey, actually."

"Here and here. Just holler if you need a refill." Kaliyo said heading off to serve a few more customers. It was quiet but she knew it would start picking up in a few more hours.

Always assuming that some type of ear might be listening, the accompanying merc vaguely confided, "For a 'very busy man', you certainly are lounging rather openly."

Gavich downed his small glass, "Nothing sparks stronger public attention than people who try to avoid it. There are ways to discourage paparazzi." He closed his eyes for a moment, letting the oil have its clearing effect upon his mind.

Pim looked at the two men as she pulled out a PaDD out of her back pocket and activated a handy-dandy tool she acquired awhile back. "Interesting merc's." She muttered.

Another unusual visitor entered the new establishment. Or, perhaps it would be better said that a usual abnormal character arrived. A young lady of delicate frame and feminine attire gracefully glided her way in. She very much appeared to be the sensitive debutante type who would quickly get mauled in a rough bar.

Kaliyo looked up when she saw the new comer walk in her delicate features were definitely exotic. And it weirdly held her and most likely anyone else in a trance and it wasn't until she spoke did Kaliyo snapped out of it.

She pressed her hands together and offered a bow of the head, "It is an honor to meet you, ma'am. My name is Jasmine. By chance, would you have synthesize Dream Citrus nectar? I'll understand if you don't."

The two seated men tensed at hearing the newcomer's name. They met knowing eye contact. Gavich quietly asked, "What are the chances on a starbase this large?"

The other man shook his head slightly. Anyone paying close attention to them could sense that they had not wanted to encounter this female.

Gavich shrugged, pretending to sit back and listen to the music, "No need to worry. Profile says not a teep."

Kaliyo thought again feeling like she was in a trance as she looked at the exotic being in front of her. "We do," Kaliyo said turning and grabbing a glass and a bottle from underneath the counter.

Jasmine absorbed the new, strange sensory ambiance. It was completely bizarre to her, but that was the reason for her being here, to explore. She passed by the merc table but stopped at seeing Gavich. She studied him pensively, "Do I know you, Sir?"

"Why, you think you recognize me? I don't ever remembering seeing you before."

"No, Sir. I know that I've never seen you. Yet... something about you seems familiar." Her eyes turned aside in thought, "It's possible that someone close to me knows you." She eventually collected her wits and offered a parting smile, "I'm sorry."

After she was probably out of earshot, the other man asked, "What was that all about?"

Gavich studied her carefully, "No idea. That's the problem with new xenos. They're a total wildcard." He smiled, "I like that. It makes life interesting."

His compatriot wouldn't calm so easily, "When it comes to work, I treasure boredom."

Giving it to one of the waiters who than walked it over to the exotic women. Allowing Kaliyo to go back to staring or ideally back to work.

Jasmine closed her eyes and drank down the glass. When she opened her eyes, the two men were gone. That surprised her. Not much happened around her that her keen senses didn't pick up. She looked for an opportunity to strike up a conversation with her waitress. Her body language appeared to express receptiveness, so she ventured, "People call me Jazz."

Kaliyo snapped back out of the trance hearing her speak, "Your not Human are you?" Kaliyo asked looking at her.

She smiled, "I am Shokirian. My home is a planet at the Tholian barrier. We are new to the Federation. You seem quite different, as well!"

"Part Feynrisal they're a member of the Breen Confederacy." Kaliyo said, "There's only a few of us that made out of the Confederacy."

Kaliyo's words struck the deepest racial chords within Jasmine. At length, Jasmine was able to respond, "I empathize with imprisoned races. You needn't answer, if you don't wish. But may I ask, do your people seek to migrate from Breen Space?"

"Not that I know of," Kaliyo said, "Truthfully, I don't know much about my people my mother fled when she was pregnant with me."

Jasmine might not have been an empath in the Betazoid sense of the word, but strong emotions of those around her definitely affected her. She sighed in relief, "My hope is that you find joy and purpose, wherever you are in the quadrant." She then smiled, "I like what I sense in you. If you need any help, please let me know. I am close to the starbase chief of operations."

"I'll let my boss know that." Kaliyo said.



Pim, Proprietress of Atomic Punk
Gavich & Friend, Mercs [Steiner]
Jasmine [P: Steiner]

Starbase 332
Pegasus Fleet


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