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Big Fat Mess

Posted on Tue Apr 19th, 2016 @ 9:45am by Lieutenant Commander Le Austin & Lieutenant William O'Hara Jr & Lieutenant Alana Tovan & Lieutenant JG Allison Price & Lieutenant JG Danetria Andrakos-Roarke & Ensign Porter McKinley III

Mission: Brave New World
Location: Main Engineering

"Alright, guys! Listen up!" Austin called as he walked back into Main Engineering. "We've got a lot of damage, but we've got a lot of support, too. Everybody, round up and let's start getting stuff compartmentalized!" He called, climbing up on the main engineering table and waiting for everyone to gather round.

Bill comes around the corner like he was in battle black marks all over his uniform and skin. "I am here whats next??"Bill said with a small smile.

Despite all of the chaos around her, Lt. Price was in a chipper mood as usual. She knew there was a lot that was going to need to be done, so getting a game plan in order sounded pretty good to her. She handed off her diagnostic tool to her technician and hurried over to the gathering of engineers.

Bill watched others as they filled the are. He kept quiet till he heard something for him to do.

Stepping up to edge of the table, Dana meekly watched as the others assembled, half worried about what kind of announcements were made via table top on the station.

"Alrighty, everyone, we've got a metric crap ton of repairs to get going on the station. I'm going to list out the critical systems, whoever wants to get it, yell out," He said, climbing up on a nearby support truss so everyone could see him, "Primary power relay on deck forty-seven?"

Allie raised her hand. "I can handle the power relay. Sounds like it will mostly be a swap job."

"All yours, then. Replicator system at Tylon's Eats on the Promenade. He says it just keeps replicating under-cooked gagh... you cook gagh? Anyway... takers?" He offered next.

"I will take the replicator sir! it should be an easy fix!" Bill commented quickly. He noticed the others were a bit shell shocked over the mass of repairs. "But I believe gagh is fresh and alive when served. And the Klingon's are not a fan of cooked food in most forms. Unless it blood pie." Bill commented as a matter of act.

Austin gave an appreciative nod before moving on to the next item, "This next one is a two man job. The Secondary Power buffer on deck seven became dislodged from it's chassis during the battle. The whole area is evacuated in case it comes the rest of the way out. It'll take two people and a heavy-load lifter to get that back in shape. Any takers?"

Alana caught herself looking around. Had she known that this one would be a two man job, she would have been a bit quicker on the draw claiming the power relay. She held her ground, hoping that someone would volunteer.

Looking around at the crowd in general, Andrakos realized rather quickly that no one was rushing to take up the gauntlet. She wasn't particularly fond of working with a partner, but if it had to be done, she could suck it up and do it. "I can take up part of that.." Andrakos offered in a small voice.

Reluctantly, Alana realized that she was going to have to volunteer. She only hoped that Andrakos was not judgmental about her heritage. And she better not get in her way. She meekly raised her hand. "I'll help her with that one, sir," she said, unenthusiastically.

"Thanks. Okay, last but not least, the central tertiary computer core in astrometrics is in a boot loop. Anyone want to go out there and see if they can figure out why? They're currently re-routed to the secondary core on deck four, but it's slowing their processes down quite a bit," Austin explained.

"I can try and get this one online again sir!"Bill commented quickly before someone else took it "Who is dealing with the space doors? Last i knew they were blown off? "Bill asked just in case they forgot about that.

"We've got a major Fleet presence here backing us up. They're working on that piece, but I haven't assigned a liason from our teams to manage that, if you're offering," Austin said with a grin.

"Aye sir! I can do that too sir!" Bill said before changing his mind on the new issue. "I am ready for this repair and helping give direction to those needing it sir!." as he waited on the others to decide. and get confirmation of the tasks he was doing.

"Okay, guys! Let's get to it and see what sort of miracles we can work, eh?" He said, grinning as he hopped down off of the truss.


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