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Posted on Wed Jun 1st, 2016 @ 9:47am by Major Alexandria Somers & Lieutenant William O'Hara Jr
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Mission: Brave New World
Location: Engineering/Various
Timeline: After finishing Paperwork and before meetin Yalane


After all things had settled down Naomi leaving her Omega Squad XO Marine Captain Jeff Smith in charge of coordinating between marines and fleet officers on the business of helping out where needed, she heads to engineering, it was time she got to know some of the staff properly and outside a mission briefing. In a clean uniform and a turbolift ride and a fair walking distance she arrives in engineering and looking at her Padd at the image of the CEO she stops where she was and looked around and found him. Walking over to the engineer "Lieutenant William O'Hara Jnr I presume?" She asked.

"That's correct??" Being polite. "And Who are you??" Bill asked her quickly. as he finished what he was doing then locked himself out of his terminal. As he gave the women his full attention.

"Hi there, I am Major Naomi Griffiths Marine Commanding Officer, and I thought I would begin to get to know the other crew of this Starbase on a level that is not a mission briefing level. Also I figure that with all the damage and such perhaps we can work out something so as I can assign some marines to help out, you will find some of my marines are technically minded and these are the ones I would assign to help, so I was wondering perhaps we can discuss this over a drink? You look like you could use a good drink" Griffiths said.

"Why sure that's fine with me all is done here all were doing is keeping an eye on the storm and the possible damage that might come from it. but so far all is good and holding strong at the moment." Bill said with a polite smile. "Where you suggest to go to the Mess hall or somewhere more private?" He was asking sincerely just in case she wanted privacy.

*Shrugging* "Mess hall I need some food" Naomi said as her stomach made a noise causing her to blush a little.

"Sounds fine to me too I better eat as well." Bill said calmly to her."Shall we??" as he motioned towards the main doors.

As they left engineering "so El tee do you have any combat experience or some such skill outside of engineering?" she asked as they walked, she remained silent.

"I thought about doing some extra work on that just in case its needed." Bill commented as they walked the corridors.

"You should take sometime to train with some of my marines in your spare time, our PT exercise is more rigourous than Stafleet basic, due to what we do, also I am sure if you ask some of my troops nicely they will happily take you through some combat techniques to help you out in that area" Griffiths said as they entered the turbolift, Naomi waited till the doors closed "Mercentile level" she said referring to the level that was devoted to civilian establishments and such.

It took them a short time when they exited on the mercentile level, she looked at him "So el tee, what cafe would you like, Klingon, Bajoran, Andorian or Terran?" she asked.

"I am not a fan of Klingon food all that live stuff gives me the issues. I am open to Bajorian Andorian and or Terran. as he said with a smile.
Terran is one of my favorites though they have a diverse set of food from Chinese to the american cheese burger."

Looking at him amused "I am none too fond of Klingon good either, my friend Major Alexandria Somers who is currently serving at the Gaia Colony is a terror for it. Terran food it is" Griffiths said.

"Never heard of Gaia Colony must be a new post?" Bill said with a smile perfect.

With that the pair walked up and entered the Terran Cafe called Old Earth Cafe or OEC for short, both found themselves an empty table and sat, Naomi got comfy and crossed her legs as the waitress approached.

"What will it be gentles?" the waitress asked.

Looking at the menu then O'Hara then back "I will have a plain hamburger with ketchup and a large Dr. Pepper please, El tee, pick" Griffiths said.

Bill looked over the menu quickly. "I think a double cheeses burger with ketchup and relish would be great and A Dr. Pepper too. Please and thank you." Bill commented as they sat there quietly for a minute before he spoke again what else is on your mind Major.

She looked at him from the corner of her eye and looking all innocent "nothing honest, but I would like to assign some of my tech marines to work in engineering, it will help you out in the manpower area and it will do my marines good to see how fleet officers do things. You see the Tech marines learn their trade at Marine specialist school, every technieque the corps of engineers comes up with is adapted and made our own, so if they saw another method, I do believe that this will help them on future away missions." She paused

"Also I want to intergrate tech minded marines into Starbase duties, such duties will be secondary, but after the recent invasion I am thinking it is more important to intergrate such things, I intend to speak with Science, medical and Security too and the CAG to see if he needs new blood for his fighters. I do not know how my predecessor run things, but we marines need to show that we can do more than just fighting" Naomi said.

"I understand and believe you have some awesome ideas here have you ran the idea by the co? I dont have any objections i believe it would be great for morale and gain some new friends in the progress." Bill said kindly.As he waited patiently for his food.

She looked at him "I agree Bill, I will be calling in on the other Department heads and making the same offer, before finally speaking with the Captain, but for now what ideas do you have Bill?" she asked as the waitress brought them their orders.

Griffiths took a sip of her Dr. Pepper and put some Ketchup on her burger as she listened to what Bill's ideas were.

"Having ingratiation of the departments would make for a more cohesive unit as a whole."Bill commented. "I believe most departments would benefit from this merging." He took a sip of his drink as he continued. "Learning new styles and techniques are also a plus."

"I agree with you on that score El tee, this is why I am speaking to you first, so I can assign eight tech savvy marines to engineering under your command, with this information how would you put them to use?" Griffiths asked.

"Use their talents and strengths learn there was of doing things as in return they learn from us lonely engineers."William said calmly to her. "Maybe even some new ways to do things."

Taking another bite of her freshly arrived burger and swallowing before she responded "I totally agree on that and its one of the ways I am looking to merge some of my marines into Fleet based duties. So what do you think we could begin to initiate this then? Buyt regardless I will have to end up speaking to the Captain, I just want to get the all clear from the department heads first before going to her." Naomi said.

Bill casually finished his meal "Makes sense to me !" as he took another drink of his Dr. Pepper.

Griffiths took another sip of her drink to swill down her last bite of food "So El tee, what are your favorite recreational hobbies?" she asked the engineer hoping the sudden topic change did not throw him too much.

"Well I do all sorts of things from Zero G handball to Zero Z Ballet. Other games like 3D Chess, Poker, Dice are some of my favorite games but always open to trying new things. Some other interests are Archaeology, Genealogy Family Tree, Like to play the Guitar and piano as well." Bill commented sincerely. I also like classic vehicles and boats, Also like fixing and repairing old style shuttles. Hence my shuttle being in the shuttle bay as i arrived in it before the maiden voyage." Bill smiled kindly.

Naomi nodded as she listened to what Bill was saying, she found Zero G sports a bit to thrilling for her, but she knew others liked it, "well I like Rock climbing, and action holodeck combat programs, I picked up an interesting combat fromgram from Major Alexandria Somers of the Gaia Colony expedition, I have not yet had a chance to have a good look at it. I also have a Black Belt 4th Dan in Karate, I am at Level 3 in Klingon Martial Arts, 2nd Dan Black belt in Kickboxing, but with Tai Chi I am a novice as its harder to master than the other arts. I am also partial to reading and swimming, apart from those I have had little time for other off duty pursuits, being half Bajoran I grew up in Post occupation Bajor, my father was a human Starfleet Officer stationed on the USS Babe Ruth an Ambassador class ship when he met my mother" She said.

"I understand you have some several interests you mentioned too." Bill said with a smile. I know several personnel on Gaia colony too. Crewman recruit Hank Pater he is bajorian, Lt. Antos Rittan He is Betazoid, Crewman recruit Devin (Dusty) trails also a Betazoid, Crewman recruit Kaphlin Zhar is Andorian race but not raised on Andor." William(Bill) Smiled as he finished speaking.

"Interesting Bill" Griffiths said as she paid the bill for the repast they just had, she looked at him "well Bill, I have to go speak to other department heads about this idea I have mentioned then I have to go speak to the Captain as she would have to rubber stamp on it. Perhaps we can do this again at some point int he future?" She asked.

Very good good luck i hope its easier to convince ."Bill said with a smile. "I will pay next time."

"Excellent, look forward to it" she said standing and shaking the mans hand firmly "I will see you at the next mission brief" she added with a smile and a shallow nod and left the cafe, she decided to run things by the Captain before she spoke to the others, as she rounded the corner she bumped into a new officer to the Starbase.


Major NL Griffiths
14th Battallion Company Commander
Starbase 332


William (BIll or billy) O'Hara Jr.
Operations Officer / Station Maintenance
Starbase 332


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