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Name On The Door

Posted on Mon Jul 11th, 2016 @ 5:44am by Jordan Gunning

Mission: Brave New World
Location: Galactic South Investigative Services [Deck 600]
Timeline: Five days after returning to Starbase 332

Jordan Gunning affixed the brass nameplate to his office door and stood back. The plaque was stamped with the words "Galactic South Investigative Services" in friendly black letters and carried his name underneath: Jordan Gunning P.I.. It was satisfying to be able to look at something he'd created, in some small way, even if the back end of the operation was a complete mess.

He keyed in the entry code to the door and stepped into his office. He had been informed that setting up in his shuttle could be misconstrued as flighty so he had paid for a decent sized office lying on one of the Promenade's main decks. His desire to be found easily outstripped any financial concerns he may have had.

The office itself consisted of a small reception room where, he imagined, a secretary might sit but at the moment boasted a small leather sofa where clients could wait for him if he happened to be out. It also had a small terminal where, if they so desired and if he was out for a prolonged period, they could reach him. He gave momentary consideration to his need for an 'acceptable face' for the business but that would come later - he wasn't made of latinum.

The main office, his office, his inner sanctum as he had once lamely referred to it was still littered with packing crates and product boxes for all the tech he had bought. Immediately after coming through the door he had set up a large, L-shaped desk where he could meet clients and perform most of his best thinking. Drinking? Jordan put the thought out of his mind.

Behind the desk lay some meagre scientific equipment should he ever need to prove paternity, maternity or even carry out any crime scene investigation, although he doubted he'd be afforded the opportunity. On its right lay the main terminal for the business, a large Federation-built monstrosity with enough processing power to take down a starship, or at least run one for a couple of minutes.

He had also hung a little metal runner which he could use to slide polymer sheets across to use for taking notes should he need to explain anything to a group, it would also extend to allow him to cover up the rear of the office. The walls themselves, the bits which weren't taken up by equipment, were covered in reproductions of modernist paintings which he found soothing in some strange way.

The rear of the office contained Jordan's one concession to his own curiosity. A large console lay underneath a huge screen which displayed a structural hierarchy with the Sojourner leader Vaishaa, accompanied by a little portrait of the woman, at the top. Some other names were filled in but the orbiting information, which could be expanded and analysed on the desk console, was sparse. That would come later.

He looked at the one piece of furniture in the room - if you could call it that - which wasn't his. A statue, about three feet tall, of two figures holding aloft a book stood on an end table. It had belonged to his brother and although he hated everything about its odd subject matter and classical-revival style but it reminded him of Alexander's apartment back on earth. The man never had the best taste.

Eventually he sat down in front of the massive computer he had installed and typed up an advert to be sent out over subspace channels. If he was going to make a go of this, he'd need people to know what it was he was offering.

Are you in need of a gumshoe? Jordan Gunning of Galactic South Investigative Services is waiting to take your call.
We offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

• Family relationships: Partner and matrimonial investigations, surveillance, electronic surveillance, divorce enquiries, vehicle and asset tracking, polygraph lie detector tests.
• Adoption enquiries, domestic staff background checks, spy cameras, peace of mind enquiries, forensic services.
• Missing persons, finding friends, tracing workmates, locating missing family, adoption enquiries.
• Security surveys, close protection, VIP protection, tracing missing persons, lie detector tests, tracing beneficiaries, probate enquiries, locating business assets, evidence gathering, matrimonial surveillance, process serving.
Background enquiries
• Pre & post employment investigations, staff vetting, management vetting.
Physical and electronic surveillance
• Industrial espionage investigations, theft investigations, electronic surveillance counter measure

That would do. Now he just had to wait.

Jordan Gunning
Private Investigator


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