Starbase 332: At the Edge of the Final Frontier since 2010

"I see a good many enemies around, and mighty few friends."
- Bill Longley

About Starbase 332

Welcome to the home of the exploratory wing of Pegasus Fleet. This Stardock class station serves as a resupply and refitting location for the many vessels engaged in operations in Galactic South. We offer sanctuary and stand as a sentinel over the popular vacation planet of Archa IV.

The station is designed to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people and we are more than capable of handling the variety of different issues that will arise on a Starbase. Not only that, we have three of the finest garrison vessels in the fleet , the Defiant class USS Jackal, the Diligent class USS Montreal and the Excelsior class USS Carthage.

What Makes Us Different

Starbase 332 celebrated its 9th birthday in 2019 and has a deep and varied history with a unique canon. We are always looking for players to join our team and create their own incredible stories. If you want to sim in a creative and flexible environment then this is the place for you.

We actively encourage players to come up with their own plots and mission ideas and give you the chance to build your character's story in a way that very few sims do.

Not only that, players are encouraged to bring PNPCs & NPCs to the game which opens up loads of different stories. To check out our NPC Guidelines, click here.

If you have any questions about Starbase 332 then why not email us here?

Currently Seeking Staff Officers

Chief of Station Security

Even a Federation starbase faces its share of crime, especially on the frontier. That's why every station needs a sheriff. The Chief of Station Security is responsible for keeping the peace on Starbase 332, protecting and serving the citizens and crew.


Every Starbase has a designated Dockmaster from amongst the Strategic Operations staff. The Dockmaster is responsible for the safe ingress and egress of all docking vessels be that in the main hangar itself or on the external docking ports.

Squadron Leader V/F-26 'Pythons'

The officer in command of the Viper-class advanced tactical fighter. This is a position for Starfleet personnel.

Teach the Next Generation - Join the Academy

We have recently expanded the scope of the Starfleet Academy Adjunct based at the starbase and are looking for players to fill both the instructor positions and become students. Take a look at the manifest for inspiration.

Check out the teaser for Starbase 332 below

Latest Mission Posts

» Stress Relief

Mission: Who Watches The Watchers
Posted on Tue Sep 22nd, 2020 @ 1:08am by Captain Liarra Von & Lieutenant Commander Marit Lantry M.D., Ph.D.

Marit didn't often trouble the Captain. After all, the base was huge and there was plenty of people to relay information up and down the command chain as needed. That was, in fact, a necessity, considering all the responsibilities each department carried. Any senior officer worth his or her salt…

» Quick Contact

Mission: After the Storm
Posted on Mon Sep 14th, 2020 @ 10:20am by Samanthia Akiashiro

The neon lighting of various drinks lit up the room, providing light enough to see by without bumping into those seated and moving from one location to the next. The well lit bar adding to the ambience of the play of light and moving shadows, making observation harder than usual.…

» Skewerity

Mission: After the Storm
Posted on Sun Sep 13th, 2020 @ 11:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Felicie Rivero

Felicie was standing in the middle of the promenade, talking to one of the senior security officers regarding the most recent breakin for the weapons lockers, their current discussion revolving around the increased surveillance for all non secure areas.

The first poke to her behind had been ignored as someone…

» Boys Will Be Boys

Mission: After the Storm
Posted on Sun Sep 13th, 2020 @ 11:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Felicie Rivero & Lieutenant Commander Buck Ducati


"Well what are you waiting for?" The led boy asked as he folded his arms standing over Kade Ducati, trying to intimidate the gang initiate.

Kade gulped, this was the first time he'd put his computer skills to the test. They were going to steal weapons from storage and…

» A bit of Game Time.

Mission: A Day in the Life
Posted on Fri Sep 4th, 2020 @ 5:29am by Lieutenant Mia Anushka

"Recommend that patient continue present treatment of anti inflammatory injections and cryotherapy until full range of motion has been achieved. Small possibility that the shoulder might continue to dislocate due to congenital abnormality in the socket itself. Recommend follow up with orthopedist in 1 month to ensure all nervous function…